Butter on the bread.

ASD Mummy with issues.

I’m feeling pretty rough today. It came on yesterday, and I am just full of head cold. It’s not really surprising, as both boys have had time off school in the past couple of weeks with various bugs that have been doing the rounds. I think with my lack of sleep over the weekend, my body gave in, and let the germs run riot, leaving me feeling pretty crud!

It is only when you are out of action that I think your worth is really acknowledged, and you yourself realise all that you do, without thinking, and without need or desire for praise – although, it would be nice for your efforts to be noticed just once in a while. It is though as they say, its only when you don’t do something that it gets noticed!

Last night as soon as Hubby got home from work, I went to…

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Happy Valentines Day.

ASD Mummy with issues.

Happy Valentines Day!

You may be a total romantic, or you may be someone who thinks it’s all commercial tripe, as we should be able to tell our loved ones any time how we feel about them. Either way, it is very difficult to escape the hype that surrounds the day.

As with many other occasions where you are expected to exchange gifts, I think homemade is far more heart-felt than something you just grabbed off the supermarket shelf on the way past.

Today I am going to share with you a couple of recipes that are perfect for today! One is naughty for the waistline – chocolate fudge, and the other is a Weight Watchers take on Strawberry cheesecake, that can be made with things that most of us would have in the house anyway.

The fudge recipe I found on a brilliant site called Slow Cooker Central – http://www.slowcookercentral.com/…

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February Mid-term.

ASD Mummy with issues.

The boys have been having their February mid-term break this last few days. It is only a few weeks since they went back in January, and yet, they were more than ready for it.

Every year that I have been a school attending Mum, there has been playground comment about this holiday, and how strange it actually is. For me, growing up, the February holiday was always a straight week, and from what I understand from friends in England, there, it still is. Here however, it is a mis-match of days lumped together. Last week, Thursday and Friday were holiday days, Monday of this week, was an occasional day, and Tuesday, Wednesday, were in-service (teacher training) days – I am sure if that’s not how it broke down, I will be corrected! What most parents seem to comment on, is that if they are adding the days, to give the…

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Super Epic Dan

ASD Mummy with issues.

The boys have always loved technology. Like many children, they could and do, know more about how the computer, tablets, etc than I ever will. It is important that they feel comfortable in this area as, it is their future. When I was at school, there was one computer in the school, and that was in the maths department, and only the teachers got to use it. The boys have technology classes at school, and are more comfortable with a keyboard and mouse, than with a pan and paper.

M is more your observer, and spends far too many hours watching Stampy and Squid – if you know any child who likes Minecraft, you will know who these guys are! However, by watching these he has become quite the expert, and when playing, he has quite amazing ideas, D on the other hand is a doer. The problem there though…

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D’s knees.

ASD Mummy with issues.

Anyone who has read my ramblings for a while might remember that this time last year, D was in hospital having plates fitted to his knees. The problem was that his legs were growing at an odd angle, which meant that the lower leg was growing outwards rather than straight – there is some long technical name for this, but I can not remember it, and even if I could, I probably wouldn’t be able to spell it!!!!!

Anyway, yesterday we were back to the hospital for an appointment with his orthopedic consultant. This was the third such appointment, the first about a month after the op, then six months, and now the full year. When they were fitted, we were told not to expect miracles, and that they could only stay in for 2 years, but they could but new ones in after that time if needed. Like all…

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Happy Anniversary Hubby.

ASD Mummy with issues.

Today is our 12th Wedding anniversary. Time flies as they say. During this time we have had ups and downs, but always come out the other side smiling – you have to!

Hubby and I had an unconventional meeting – or it was at the time, these days far more common. We met online – so yes, it is true about all the strange people you meet on the internet!! We were just in a forum chat room, being the Geeks we are, talking about Star Trek, as you do, nothing too unusual. We then often talked, until we looked for each other, finding more and more in common – a love of ice-hockey, and all thing Canadian. We became online friends, but with him living in the North of Scotland, and me in the South of England, it was never going to be more than that, and to be…

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Suddenly her age.

ASD Mummy with issues.

My relationship with my Mum has been quite up and down over the years. I love her to bits, and I am sure I always will, after all, she is my Mum. Like most close relationships though we have clashed quite regularly over the years. When I was at college, I suppose I was going through a time of self discovery, and we didn’t get on at all, so much so that when I left home, I moved to a ting village in the middle of nowhere in North Wales to work in a hotel. It was a lovely job, and I met some great people. I think however, going to far away, made me realise how much I actually needed my family, and I therefore moved closer to home a couple of years later, finally moving back home when I was offered a job a stones throw from there.

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