February Mid-term.

ASD Mummy with issues.

The boys have been having their February mid-term break this last few days. It is only a few weeks since they went back in January, and yet, they were more than ready for it.

Every year that I have been a school attending Mum, there has been playground comment about this holiday, and how strange it actually is. For me, growing up, the February holiday was always a straight week, and from what I understand from friends in England, there, it still is. Here however, it is a mis-match of days lumped together. Last week, Thursday and Friday were holiday days, Monday of this week, was an occasional day, and Tuesday, Wednesday, were in-service (teacher training) days – I am sure if that’s not how it broke down, I will be corrected! What most parents seem to comment on, is that if they are adding the days, to give the…

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