Colonoscopy done!

ASD Mummy with issues.

Monday was they I had been dreading. Hubby took a half day to come with me, as the drugs to sedate meant no driving for 24 hours.

I was surprisingly upbeat when I got there, and went through the admission paperwork rather jolly!

Then I was taken through to a little room to get changed and have a chat with the nurse practitioner that would be carrying out the procedure. Sat in there by myself, I suddenly became scared and almost tearful. In the next few minutes, they might be able to tell if I needed further tests for bowel cancer – the thing that had taken my lovely Dad from us too soon. As hard as I tried I couldn’t get that thought out of my mind! When I spoke to the nurse, she was very reassuring – I suppose that’s part of their job, that is until she…

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3 thoughts on “Colonoscopy done!

  1. BBC1 here. Welcome to the world of colonoscopies and polyps! Had my first one last year and was terrified beforehand…but like you was nicely sedated and fascinated. Agree re the Dr Who comment! Biopsy of polyp was fine and they said would probably need to check in again five years. But is great to get the ‘all clear’…sure will be same for you. Not been around much lately as busy getting house on market. Hope You three boys and the old lady are ok:-)

      • Just shows you how confusing this double posting is…I thought it was Jane who’d had the scan…so said hope her three boys, meaning you and the boys were ok, and by the old lady I meant her mum! Must do self note to read posts properly…glad you ok buddy:-)

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