This Week in The Archers – Week Ending 30 May 2014

Peggy hears the news about Tom at last, and it hasn’t gone down well. It a stunning piece of irony, she points the finger at Tony about not telling her. Is that a case of the pot calling the kettle black Peggy? Well, you’ve played your part in Tom heading off as much as any of the Bridge Farm Archers have. At least Peggy got a chance to see Tom on his way to Canada, a bit more than Pat & Tony got. Now they must realise what they’ve all done. It does all seem quite strange that a man so focussed and dedicated carried on being John for so long if he hated it so much. Well, Rob hasn’t helped all that much, and Peggy’s suggestion that Rob be involved in any discussion over the future of Tom’s pigs will never go well with Tony.

Peggy does play an ace card though. Who’s business was in the first place? Oh yes, John’s. Another memory of John that Pat isn’t willing to let go easily. Will she and Peggy manage to talk Tony round and give Pat a straw to clutch at – that Tom will ever come back? Helen is being wrapped around Rob’s fingers. His suggestion of seeing Peggy is nothing to do with easing her concerns. Its all about what’s good for Rob. He’s got her upping her game with Henry’s childcare – the TV and a pile of cushions! But that aside, we have a family meeting! Just why is Helen surprised at Tony excluding Rob. He may be Helen’s partner, but just what does he have to do with the Bridge Farm business? It may be his goal to get his hands on it, but for now, its none of his concern. Its not at all unreasonable for Rob to be excluded but naturally Peggy backs Helen if it means backing against Tony. It almost sounded like Peggy, Helen and Rob are cooking it all up. Keeping secrets from Tony? Well, let’s start with Rob – he gets rid of Tom but Helen and Peggy think its wonderful and lovely. Helen is completely way off target. He’s done it simply because he wanted Tom out of the way. Then there’s the planned wedding. Despite the fact that Rob is still already married. I wonder if he’ll bother with the divorce at all?

Peggy should be careful with keeping secrets from Tony. She’s doing her best to build bridges, and her offer of money to Tony is generous. Maybe though his refusal of her offer may well antagonise Peggy to the point where she throws her lot in with Rob and Helen. It was a smart tactical move by Tony to exclude her and Rob from the meeting on Friday. Two against one? Without Rob and Peggy to support her and argue her corner, either Helen will just cave in, or will agree to nothing.

It’s a busy time again at Brookfield, and its lambs off to market and Shula is on hand to help David. Of course, Shula had an ulterior motive for turning up – the new road. Shula and David (and Lynda) are agitating to get opposition going. Charlie is being pointed at as being a man in the know. Brian and Charlie certainly seem to know more than they’re letting on. The road plan certainly has the potential to open up the usual divisions in Ambridge. Will Ruth be able to see Brian as anything other than the villain? David and Shula are doing all they can to mobilise the village, but for the rest life goes on much to Shula’s annoyance. How dare Lizze put her business first! But that won’t stop David, Shula and particularly Lynda. Lynda won’t even let her birthday preparations get in the way. She’s done her research and she’s firmly behind Penny Hassett getting the dubious honour of getting the new road. David, rather foolishly just takes her word as gospel. As long as its nowhere near Brookfield, right?

Lynda was right in her element, and she managed to get her way so the village to see the road maps, and it always seemed rather inevitable that the new road would blunder its way through Ambridge. But to David – and Ruth’s – horror, it would seem that the road goes right through Brookfield. Well, that’ll teach them for being so smug about Penny Hassett’s seeming misfortune. But Ruth really needs to chat to Kirsty about despairing wails. They’re definitely fearing the worst over it all at Brookfield. Oddly enough, Brian isn’t at all concerned. What’s losing a bit of field when it means cash – and a lot of it – right into his hand. Will Ruth ever believe he knows nothing about it? She’s always ready to believe the worst in Brian. Jennifer may get involved in the protesting, but Brian will never upset BL’s applecart.

Just when there’s a bit of controversy in the air that could land the lucky few right in a pile of cash, Matt returns to our airwaves. Whenever there’s a chance to feather his nest, Matt is always on the case. Brian isn’t giving much away to Matt, but there’s no chance Matt will believe Brian knows nothing. Matt can’t resist tweeking Brian’s nose over their kitchen debacle. Right on top of the kitchen being flooded thanks to the rogue sink, Buddy has had a little accident. Or has he? It seems pretty clear now that karma has come round to bite Jennifer for her crowing over her new kitchen. Its going from crisis to disaster, and you have to worry if she’s being well conned by Kingsley. Will she have the nerve to admit it and pass the news on to Brian?

Fallon is busier than ever. Once the woman who had her hands full helping run the Bull and her music, suddenly she’s become the community spirited, party planner. It seems there are complete changes of character all round. No doubt it won’t be long before she’s letting PC Burns get his feet right under her table. Plans of mice & men though don’t always go to plan, and Lizzie has finally put her foot down over Roy’s plans for them to camp out at Greenbury Fields Festival. Really Roy, don’t you know Lizzie at all? Roy is hardly covering himself in glory over Loxfest. To be honest, I can’t help feeling that Roy comes across as being completely gormless. I suspect Lizzie isn’t overly bothered about the “festival experience” – just show her the money!

Charlie is still keeping the pressure on, on behalf of BL. Adam’s stellar performance over his maize has meant Charlie’s eye turned towards Rob, and Adam has found that quite easy to take. But now his roving eye has turned to the truculent Will Grundy, who really believes he is Lord of his own little manor with regards to the shoot. He can’t take any suggestion on board unless it comes from himself. But refusing a suggestion from Charlie is risky business. At least it’ll all make him happy, as it will be something to moan about. Its what he does best and he’ll get no support from Brian. Brian is a man who sees the bottom line, and if Charlie can lift that bottom line, Brian will be happy. Will better get used to it.

Lynda has a lovely end to the week. She may well be one of Ambridge’s more abrasive characters, but for me, her heart is always in the right place, and the village is lucky they’ve got at least one person who is so community minded. She’s a great one from Brookfield to have on site for the battles over “Route B” But for now, its her moment in the sun, as Robert pulls out the stops with an Alice in Wonderland garden party for her birthday. Leonie puts in a surprise appearance, much to Lynda’s delight. They may have had their moments, but they bonded over the pregnancy, with Lynda giving Leonie the courage and strength to plough on. She ended the week in the company of family and friends, and it was a timely reminder how highly regarded she is in Ambridge.

But again, the week ends at Bridge Farm, with their Council of War following Tom’s doing a runner. Helen is in no mood to be objective, and is now actively pushing Rob’s agenda. She’s so wrapped around his finger, she’ll believe anything he pushes at her. Even is layman’s view of going non-organic with the pigs topped Tony quoting the Soil Association regs chapter and verse. Helen was completely blind to that, so much is she under Rob’s thumb. Tony did come up with the goods over Rob. Helen doesn’t know him at all, despite her protests to the contrary. She is backing him over the non-organic route, and even thinks he’s the most thoughtful man ever, helping Tom get his Canadian interview. That little shocker didn’t really sit well with Pat and Tony. Helen doesn’t see how Rob’s nicely rid Helen of her support network – and how he’s piling the stress on Tony. His plan is going superbly. Isolate Helen, get rid of Tom, push Tony into a heart attack then get his hands on Bridge Farm. There’s no way in my mind he’s got any intention of living happily ever after with Helen. Is it Bridge Farm he wants, or is it more sinister. He’s carefully developed a father/son relationship with Henry. Is he thinking, push Helen into mental instability then ride off into the sunset with Jess and Henry? What a mess Helen.

Week Ending 23 May.


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