You can not be serious! Anyone for tennis?

ASD Mummy with issues.

Every term, flyers come home from school detailing class being run in the town as part of the Active Kids programme.      Every term, M looks at it, and says there is nothing he wants to do.     This term though it was different.

M wants so much to be part of what is going on at school, and yet he has such difficulty understanding the social nuances that are required to be part of groups.       Last year, he joined the Scottish dancing club which was run in the school hall for half an hour immediately after classes.   He loved the sessions, and would come home showing us what he had learned.   Then some of the older kids started getting annoyed with him because he didn’t always understand the instruction, and therefore appeared to be playing about, and so he wouldn’t go again.    It was so sad that as much as we…

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