This Week in The Archers – Week Ending 9 May 2014

Its D-day for Shula as its time for Dan to head off to Sandhurst. Dan is full steam ahead and can’t wait to get going but for Shula, its like seeing him off at his first day at primary school. Dan is happy enough – female recruits, so not all is bad. At least not for Dan. Its a tough time for poor old Shula. Can’t she take Darryl back to fill the void? Inevitably it all ends in tears for Shula. No such concerns for Alistair though on the surface. Shula feels slightly miffed that Alistair isn’t mentioning Dan at all, but he might just be trying to shut it out Shula so he can deal with Dan’s decision privately?

Over at Bridge Farm, Pat is frantic. Tony naturally feels the need to put all the blame on Pat and Peggy. Let’s just ignore the fact that Tony went blundering in, with both feet stuck in his mouth. At least Pat is able to look at the possibility that Tom has a point but Tony just can’t take any dig at his precious John. Nor will he acknowledge the possibility that Tom may have mental health issues. Pat on the other hand has no such problem. But can’t Pat think at all straight. Its unlikely that Tom would turn to Brenda – have you thought about Rich at all? Another character who seems to have made a fleeting appearance before vanishing without a trace. Incredible though that Tony has taken aim at Pat to Roy & Jazzer. Doesn’t know what he can do? I suspect he’s done enough already.

Helen is fairly optimistic though that Kirsty will sail straight back into Ambridge Organics. Everything is Tom’s fault though with Tony, and his continuing rants are starting to become dull. He’s putting the pressure on himself, and it would be no real surprise if he were to be hit by another heart attack. Will he ever accept responsibility for his role in Tom’s disappearance. Of course its PC Burns who’s now on the case. At least Pat is doing what she can to find Tom, but incredibly Tony can only think of the business. He is being beyond ridiculous. How Helen can tell Pat she can’t blame Tony is anyone’s guess. Well, Tony has even better news than Tom’s whereabouts – his cows are alright! Well, take that Tom!

There’s a lighter side to Ambridge at the moment though, and its May Day for the village, but not after a little disaster with Ian’s sous chef! Its all hands on the pump, and not even Emma’s moaning face can bring the festivities down. Still, Ian is out of the picture for judging the contest, and there’s the little matter of getting Lynda to the show on time. Who else would step in the breach and rescue it all but PC Burns? It all went well for the village, but Lynda lurched from crisis to disaster. Poor old Lynda having her good name sullied by Emma. Still, its not Lynda that PC Burns has his eyes on. Not with Fallon about. What a coincidence though that Fallon is a winner with PC Burns giving out the prizes. Maybe Nic’s win didn’t go down so well with Emma, but Clarrie’s surprise win over Christine put Clarrie and Emma in a good mood. Shame we couldn’t say the same for Fallon. He grumpy mood where PC Burns is concerned hasn’t gone un-noticed, and its up to Lynda to give her fair warning that Harrison Burns won’t be single for long.

Adam is on the scrounge for workers as the pressure builds from Charlie. Thankfully for Adam, David steps into the breach in Pip’s absence. Poor Adam can’t even get a cup of coffee with Jennifer’s ongoing kitchen renovations getting in the way. Well, they would be ongoing if the fitters would only turn up.. Finally though, all things come to he – or she – who waits. The builders’ arrival may have delighted Jennifer, but its not meeting with Brian’s approval. Never mind Brian, you can always try to flog Jennifer’s old cabinets. Her desperation to look generous is certainly raising hackles around the village. First she managed to offend Susan, then she puts Pat down rather nicely.

Jennifer’s little visit to Bridge Farm really was vintage Jennifer though. It would seem that her definition of “nightmare” is very different from Pat’s. Tom has disappeared, but having her kitchen upside down, and unwanted old units on her hands is a DISASTER! It wasn’t enough to ignore Pat’s distress over Tom’s vanishing act. No, just go right into the story of Kate’s disappearance and the identification of a body didn’t do that much for Pat’s state of mind.

Jennifer isn’t the only one with unfulfilled plans. Over at Lower Loxley, Loxfest is starting to grow arms and legs, although looking at booking bands for an August bank holiday bash in May might not be any kind of planning from Roy at all. Its all together possible that its a shade late. Thankfully for Roy , Lizzie doesn’t have a clue either. I’m not altogether sure that taking Lizzie to a festival will actually further her understanding at all. But not all is lost. If the big boys aren’t available Roy’s little suggestion to Jolene looks like it will have her don her waistcoat in anger at last. Will we actually get to her Jolene warbling?

Poor Adam is still under increasing pressure from Charlie. His working all hours isn’t impressing Adam’s new boss, and he needn’t look to Brian for any support, despite David being right in Adam’s corner. Brian isn’t in a particularly helpful mood though. You wonder if he know a lot more than he’s letting on on the little matter of the big road
story. It would almost seem like Brian has his finger still well and truly in BL’s pie. Maybe the thought of his new bosses bringing home even greater amounts of bacon has Brian backing them against the village (again) and Adam. His dismissal of Adam’s concerns over Charlie’s cracking of the whip didn’t please Adam, and you wonder just how longer Adam will keep it all in.

Adam isn’t the only one feeling the pressure as Eddie is running from pillar to post over Clarrie’s party. Its looking like Clarrie isn’t overly thrilled with the thought of her party, although it seems its more the clock clicking over from 59 to 60 that’s bothering her most. Clarrie loves a party though, and Eddie knows her fairly well. Clarrie will love being centre of attention again after her stunning success in the May Day cake contest – even though she was driven from the Echo’s front pages by Tilly Button!

But the week ends (predictably) and Bridge Farm. Tony is on a high after the news on his cows. First he’s off the hook over the threat of TB being removed – the only disappointment for Tony being Tom’s absence so he couldn’t shove it down his throat – but we have calf number one. Tony is on cloud nine and just can’t share Pat’s concern. You’d almost think that Tony is trying to convince himself more than he’s trying to convince Pat that Tom will be fine. Still, Pat gets all the reassurance she needs when Tom is finally in touch. But with Tony around, her euphoria was never going to last long. Tony – no surprises – sees it as another opportunity to let rip over Tom. I’m surprised he isn’t saying that its just Tom staying away to spite him..When Tom finally reappears, no doubt it will be to a raging Tony. Again.

Week Ending 2 May 2014


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