This Week in the Archers – Week Ending 2 May 2014

Tom is feeling down, and rightly so. Hardly any surprise to him that Kirsty isn’t returning his calls. Roy is trying to act like a friend, but trying to put a spin on it that it wasn’t Tom’s fault. But why be surprised that Kirsty has gone on the holiday? At least she was has had something out of it. But “its only money”? Well, when you’ve got a cash machine at the Lodge, it certainly is. Tony is still taking it badly, and surprise, surprise, in the cold light of day, Tony has taken issue with Peggy being involved but not thinking to pass on the info to him and Pat. Tony can’t resist taking it a step further though – naturally its all Peggy thinking that he can’t hack it as a parent. I do feel Tony has a point on Peggy thinking on her part in it, but taking the will line is a bit of a mistake – again – by Tony. But with Peggy promising to give it all some thought, will Tony ultimately get what he wants?

Tom is doing his best to shut the world out. He’s managed to keep Pat from his door, but of course not his beloved gran. Peggy comes up with a tactic that Pat didn’t think about. Just turn up on the doorstep. Peggy’s advice to Tom is just what he needs, but is her intervention the best thing to do after her last failed effort? She’s trying to do the right thing though, and building bridges between Tom and Tony is just what is needed. But is trying to get the two of them to see eye-to-eye beyond Peggy’s capability? Peggy is right at the heart of it all though, and she’s in a position to put them all right. Any chance she would put Jennifer straight? She’s probably too worried about her kitchen to pay it any heed.

The Archers over at Brookfield don’t have the failed wedding on their minds, as its the day for Jill officially moving back into Brookfield. Its heavy work for Kenton, which has never been his thing, but despite his chequered past, he’s loyal to Jill, as much as any of the Archers. Jill though is happy being back where she belongs. I can’t imagine Ruth would appreciate a rota that would include her being in the kitchen. Nor would David, Josh and Ben! The sounds of family around her might just be what Jill needs to lift her spirits yet again. There will always be thoughts of Phil, but Jill is home again.

Its not all Tom for the Bridge Farm Archers though. Its a big day for Helen. After a few years of palming Henry off on anyone who would take him – including one of Rob’s employees – its official this time, as he’s off to nursery. Rob is playing nice guy this time, and manages to see off Clarrie nicely. But is he hoping that if Helen ignores Kirsty that another one of her close friends will abandon her, leaving her without anyone to turn to when Rob reveals his true nature? Kirsty will be the last person Rob wants to hear about. He’s started separating Ian from Helen, and Kirsty will complete that little set. Clarrie is a persistent soul though – she and Susan would put MI5 to shame in ferreting out secrets. Helen at least has the chance to put Clarrie right and let the village know about Tom. Will anyone want to listen?

Meanwhile, the pressure is continuing to grow on Adam, with Charlie really cracking the whip and Adam working all hours. Its all too much for Brian, who’s back gives up. But worse news is on the horizon at Home Farm. Jennifer is facing another Kingsley related delay to her dream kitchen, and its poor old Brian’s stomach that is suffering. Jennifer is hardly getting any support from Peggy either. Is she doubting the wonderful Kingsley? Well now Peggy, the crème de la crème of builders are worth waiting for, don’t you know that? Jennifer can’t wait though, and it seems that Susan can’t wait either to see Jennifer’s new kitchen. A bit cheeky of her to invite herself round for one of Jennifer’s kitchen suppers! But her enthusiasm was cooled somewhat with Jennifer’s well meaning offer of her old units. Naturally Susan would see it as being looked down upon. But her hasty refusal didn’t go down that well with Emma, although she has cake on her mind.

There’s reconciliation in the air over at the Stables. Shula has rather quickly accepted Dan’s decision to head to Sandhurst and join the army. She’s going to give him ironing lessons? Well, isn’t he a lucky man? It seems to be Shula’s way of coping though and it seems she is headed for a tearful parting with Dan. Never mind Shula, Jill will be on hand for you!

Speaking of Jill, its roads that are the talk of the shop between her and Shula, but that’s not what’s on her mind when Pat makes an appearance. Tom is still the talk of Ambridge, and it finally resolves Pat to repeat Peggy’s trick by waiting at Tom’s door. It finally works and we’re treated to a tender scene with her and Tom as he at last gets out his feelings about John, and his resentment at having to assume his role. At least Pat tries to understand Tom. But getting Tom and Tony together – despite Peggy’s advice – was surely too soon. Would Tony and Tom meet halfway? Of course not. Pat’s attempt at reconciliation and helping Tom move on was always doomed. Instead of attempting to see Tom’s side, Tony can’t resist giving him both barrels. How DARE Tom even think on pointing out John’s shortcomings? Well, it was a disaster waiting to happen. It maybe wasn’t the best of ideas either for Roy to take Jazzer round to see Tom either – not that they got the chance. Has Tony’s short fuse gone and pushed Tom over the edge? He’s tried to reassure Pat with his little note, but he’s in a fragile state of mind, and will it yet end in tragedy? Well played Tony.

Week Ending 25 April 2014


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