ASD Boys Seem Younger Than They Are

We’re on holiday at Haven Haggerston Castle. Its perfect for the boys as they have the freedom to (almost) run riot in a safe environment. There’s a swimming pool, amusements and entertainment all on hand. I sometimes wonder if the boys will get too old for this sort of holiday but then all thanks to their ASD brains, it seems unlikely that day will come anytime soon.

This lunchtime there was a puppet show – Punch and Judy – for the kids. The boys have loved those in the past, so we thought we’d go along. There was no fear of them not being interested. As soon as it began they were both enraptured. Daniel was glued, bursting into occasional giggles. Matthew was soon on his feet, his arms flapping for Britain. From Matthew, that’s a sure sign that he’s taking in so much sensory stimuli that his brain needs to shut down for a while to allow for it to catch up and process the signals its receiving.

That aside, once again it struck me how young the boys are. Much younger than they sometimes seem. Matthew is in his 9th year yet he can still be thrilled by a simple puppet show he’s seen over and over at Haven. Daniel too. He seems much older than his years and often displays a mature attitude. As a result, its easy to forget how young he is and it takes days like today to remind us of that.

Its a timely reminder of how innocent they still are and how unready for the big world they still are. ASD children don’t see the world the way we do. We see some kids the same age as our two who are confident and self-assured. They’re able to assess tricky situations and work a way out of them. But I think that our boys are lucky (in a way) that their ASD brains allow them to still see such wonder in simple things. I hope they hold on to that for a while longer. They’re only young once!


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