This Week in The Archers – Week Ending 4 April 2014

Yet another week starts at Brookfield, and its a sad start to the week with Saint Jill being hard at work to make sure that Ruth was getting her rest after the tragedy of losing her baby on the Friday. It brought back a lot of sad memories for your correspondent after my OH had lost a baby, coincidently on a Friday, back in 2004. But its a tough time at Brookfield, and naturally David is blaming himself. “Things just happen for a reason” isn’t much comfort at all. But Ruth’s baby news soon gets around, but its not the news Ruth was looking on passing on. Ruth tried to be philosophical about it all. No difference from when she had no idea she was pregnant Ruth says, but the loss of hope and a possibility is a grievous wound. David can’t sit back and let Ruth get through it herself and does take a bit of a risk by getting Heather on the scene. Every girl needs her mum David? David manages to keep the surprise and it seems that its just what Ruth needed. Heather points out what a grievous loss a miscarriage is. There’s sage advice all round from the Archer matriarchs. How can Ruth possibly go wrong?

Heather has Jill on her mind too. She knows Ruth needs Jill around, and goes about persuading her that maybe a return to Glebe with all the loneliness it brings maybe isn’t exactly what she needs just now. The idea is there in Jill’s mind now, but incredibly a permanent return to Brookfield is late in coming to David and Ruth. Its the perfect solution. Will Jill go for it? You know she will.

Its happier times for the latest Archer to be. Kirsty is full of wedding plans, but is the image of her happy life with the Sausage King showing signs of unravelling. Kirsty is ploughing ahead, but with Tom full of worry over the possibility of TB in his pigs, could his empire come crashing to the ground leaving Tom with absolutely nothing except huge debt from paying for Kirsty’s dream wedding? Surely even Peggy’s cheque book might be put away. Will Tom plan for the worst by postponing their wedding? To be honest, the wedding storyline seems to be on the verge of exploding at anytime. Neither Kirsty or Tom seems overly excited really. Brenda’s reappearance has reminded Tom too sharply of what he has lost. At least Tom managed to help out Kenton in yet another tiff between him and Jolene. But that was just the start of the mystery over Kenton’s impromptu trip to Wales. The mishaps don’t end there though. There’s a problem with Tom & Kirsty’s wedding invitations. Is it an omen for the wedding that should never happen?

Solving the mystery fires Kenton up, and the discovery that Rob was behind his trip to Wales fires his imagination. At least someone did at least spot that Rob’s spiking of the drinks was incredibly dangerous. He didn’t know Kenton too well though, did he? The “Lord of Mis-rule” was never going to let that one past, but his April Fool on a furious Rob landed him in hotter water than he’d planned. Rob calls the police, but what a coincidence that its PC Burns who turns up to investigate. The little tit for tat pranks perpetrated by Rob & Kenton certainly blew up, but how about that, it brings PC Burns into Fallon’s company again. How about that indeed. Nor did it take long for Fallon & PC Burns to trade hard luck love life stories. Well, Fallon (still) has PC Burns’ number, just in case! Fallon isn’t the only one with her eyes on a man. Rhys’ replacement is on hand, and its not sitting well with Kenton. Will his jealousy cause yet more contention between him and Jolene?

Tom and Kirsty aren’t the only ones who have the potential to have their plans disrupted though. Jennifer has sorted herself time away without Brian, and Brian is ploughing ahead with all his plans. Adam and Rob deliver him good news on their various reports. Its all so rosy for Brian. Jennifer is getting her kitchen from Kingsley, and her holiday, and Brian is enjoying the sound of money. The happy mood didn’t extend to Adam and Rob though, who had an awkward little chat. Maybe Adam isn’t quite as laid back about Rob’s relationship with Helen that he’s painting to Ian. But Brian’s happiness was short lived. Annabel delivers a shock to Brian with news of a takeover of BL. Brian’s favourite toy, and his local position of power and influence is under threat. Annabel suggest – wisely (according to Jennifer) that Brian accept their offer and land himself a tidy profit on his investment. But this time the prospect of a tidy sum coming his way doesn’t deter Brian. He’s ready for the fight!

Lynda is on Neil’s case over May Day, but Neil makes the mistake of drawing Lynda’s attention to the Passion Play. Lynda doesn’t take it too well that she’s not directly involved in a village production – even worse, one that’s moving along nice. But at least Lynda was able to look on with a smug eye when the rehearsal at getting the cross up went pear-shaped. Jazzer was, as usual, no help at all with the lovely Aleisha to be attended to, and its Jesus who has to bear the brunt of it. Well, if they had only listened to Lynda. It did provide a shade of humour from Brian, who sagely suggested to Jennifer that Jesus should have been able to heal himself! Chris tries to come to the rescue by suggesting Jazzer as Jesus. Neil is completely aghast, and ultimately Chris wishes he’d kept his mouth shut as Neil lands him in the role of Jesus nicely.

There’s some mystery round at the Stables. Its not escaped Shula’s notice that Dan has suddenly become obsessive with his fitness. Then there’s all the new clothes, trips into Felpersham. Jill has noticed too. Unfortunately, Jill’s noticing coincided with Shula being taken back in time to her own tragedies. At least she might be able to support Ruth – in a way that only Shula can. Shula will probably be flush with success with Darrel completing a miracle recovery from a complex mental health issue by moving into a flat. Miracle worker Shula has done it again, and is no doubt best placed to help with the trauma miscarriage brings. But for a change, its not Brookfield where the week ends, its with Shula. The mystery over Dan’s obsession with fitness finally comes out. Dan shocks Shula & Alistair with his plans to ditch his university study, and put aside a career in law. Well, that would really interfere with a soldier’s life. Never mind Shula, a stint at Sandhurst will see your son join the officer classes. Just what you want, right?

Week Ending 28 March 2014


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