The Wizard of Oz turns 75 this year. It’s iconic. Love it or hate it, there’s no getting away from it.

1. Flying monkeys seem generally unpleasant, but still strangely cool.oz7

2. As difficult as this is to imagine, this movie almost hit the big screen without “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” because of time constraints. Wow, just wow.

3. I love the shabby coat The Professor/The Wiz wears, and guess what? It was found in a thrift store, and originally belonged to L. Frank Baum, Ozauthor. Again, you never know what treasures a thrift store, yard sale, etc. hold.

4.You don’t need fancy people, things, or promises to be what you already are. If you want courage, you need to summon it from within you.

5. Apparently having a brain doesn’t mean you’re a math whiz, The Scarecrow gets the isosceles Pythagorean Theorem wrong after he gets…

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