Back on Two Wheels

A couple of years ago in the interests of becoming fitter, I decided to start cycling to work. Its just short of 9 miles from home to work – with a 200m decent then 200m ascent at either end of the journey. After a while though I got used to it until last summer, the back wheel on my bike decided to die and it was off the road. Fortunately, I’d heard that work were considering signing up to a cycle to work scheme – basically you sacrifice some of your gross pay each month – saving on tax and NI in the process – and end up with a bike.

I ordered mine a few weeks ago, and got an email last weekend to say it had been paid for and I could collect it. It was hard work getting it home, as I’d not been cycling for months. Last Thursday I got back to cycling to and from work. Its been hard work the last few days, with the near 9 mile journey taking up to 74 minutes! Yesterday wasn’t so bad with the return trip taking 53 minutes. It’ll take a while to get back to it, but over time I’m hopeful that I’ll get fitter and stronger and the trip won’t seem so bad. My new bike is a hybrid as opposed to my previous mountain bike. The lighter frame and thinner tires certainly make a difference.

After a couple of health scares in our house this year, I felt that getting more exercise was a must, and cycling seemed the obvious way to go. It also keeps £66 every four weeks in my pocket not having to buy a bus pass! Hopefully over the following weeks and months my fitness will improve, and I won’t feel so sore every day! For now its great to be back on two wheels!


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