This Week in The Archers – Week Ending 28 March 2014

Yet again the week starts at Brookfield, and it seems David is getting soft in his old age. Maybe Ruth should remind him that she’s pregnant, not ill! But just when Jill is pondering a return to Glebe, will Ruth be asking her to stay now? There’s every reason for her to stay now – if there wasn’t before. Naturally Jill doesn’t want to go, but can she persuade Ruth. She’s coming across – or trying to – as the martyr, I suspect in the hope Ruth will just cave in and order her to move in permanently.

Rob is still reeling from the shock of being on the receiving end of the Sport Relief blow from Ian. Helen is wasting her time trying to get the full story out of Rob. He’s such a comfortable liar, that one more isn’t going to make much difference to him. Rob suggesting that perhaps Helen doesn’t know Ian as well as she thinks she does? Its not Ian she doesn’t know. She reminds herself – and Rob – that Ian, Pat, Tony, Kirsty are all resistant to Rob being in her life. Doesn’t that tell her anything? Is there no hope at all that she will twig? Not much chance of Helen listening to any of them. Doesn’t she think something is wrong when she has to lie to Rob to conceal her whereabouts? Then being ordered home by Rob? Ian is no mug though, but it seems that Rob’s mission to drive a wedge between Helen and her support network is gathering pace nicely.

There’s more trouble brewing for Helen’s side of the Archer family, with Tony having trouble with the Archer cows. This time its not Pat, Helen or Peggy. One of his prized herd pops its clogs, and Alistair has to break the bad news to Tony that it could be TB. Naturally, Tom explodes. He really is worse than Vesuvius. There’s no attempt at understanding how Tony is feeling. No, he’s immediately in finger pointing mode. Tom’s “anger” really is getting boring. Everything that happens is all about him. Irony isn’t dead at Bridge Farm though as Tom has the nerve to say Tony is selfish. Fair play to Tony for pointing it out to Tom that its in fact the other way round. Its all put Tom in another foul mood, and he nicely bursts Kirsty’s mortgage joy bubble.

Ruth is full of doubts and worry after her visit to the GP, and she’s forced to keep the news from Peggy. It was rather unfortunate that to steer Peggy away from questions over how Ruth is, she drops the news that Tony’s cow has died. Well Ruth managed to keep the news of her pregnancy from Peggy’s ears. Just like Tony did over his cows. Well, of course that has Peggy running round to Bridge Farm to get the news from Tony from the cow’s mouth, so to speak. David realises Tony has bad luck, but there’s no hope for Tony that Peggy will see it that way. Does she just have his best interests at heart? Or is she just looking to side line Tony to put Tom in pole position at Bridge Farm? Will he get any sympathy from Peggy? Well of course Peggy gives it to Tony in the only way she knows how. If Tony does have another heart attack, will Peggy admit to her part in it?

Its all got Tom in a big strop through. His precious pigs are under threat following Fencegate. Its his stag night, and he’s hardly in the mood for it. But asking Jazzer to look out for him? Maybe a wise move from Tom with Rob going all out to get the Archer boys into trouble. But his attempt to get Tom into a “Gentleman’s club” is neatly thwarted by Ian who gets a little bit of revenge by taking Rob round to a gay club. All of Ian’s aches and pains just fall away at the sight of Rob’s discomfort. Little wonder he kept it all from Helen! Tom’s hardly enjoying himself, and Helen’s phone call winkles second thoughts for Tom. Is he still holding a torch for Brenda? Well, that ship has sailed Tom, but it hardly sounds the recipe for a lasting marriage for him and Kirsty. Predictably though its Kenton and not Tom who feels the force of a stag night gone wrong. Rob’s duplicity (and his disregard for the dangers of spiking drinks) has Kenton breaking his lent promise to Jolene and gets him en route to Wales. Will Jolene believe any of it? Well, she has absolutely no sympathy for him but maybe she should be looking towards Rob.

Was there any chance that Kirsty’s hen night would be a more placid affair? Well, it didn’t get off to a great start with Jolene reminding Fallon that she’d be replacing Rhys. Fallon’s not too happy still, but a night out with Helen and Hayley would surely sort that? No chance. No doubt her mood was soured with Helen and Hayley’s baby talk. Hayley is a better mother with Phoebe that Helen would ever be with her biological offspring. But that’s not enough to send Fallon off on one. No. But the sight of Rhys with another woman has her in a frenzy. After the fists start flying, she’s unceremoniously flung out by the bouncers. What a coincidence that PC Burns just happens to be in the area on duty. Who would have believed it? She’s subject to a personal interrogation from PC Burns. Seems he’s getting in line for Fallon. What a surprise!

Fallon’s night ends at Blossom Hill Cottage, but it hardly seems that Rob is too pleased. He can’t wait to get her out of the way. It seems though that Fallon is in the anti Rob camp as she’d rather walk that be in Rob’s company any longer. She makes it back to the Bull though just in time for another run in with PC Burns. Fallon makes a poor job of convincing Tom there’s nothing there, but she’s not too quick in binning PC Burns’ contact details. Arresting times ahead for Fallon no doubt.

Once again the week began at Brookfield, and ended there too. Jill is happy playing Wonder Woman. Her time with Ruth has her reminiscing over times gone by at Brookfield. It seems more and more likely that her move there will eventually become permanent. But the week ends in tragedy for Ruth and what seemed like just being under the weather ends up with a potential miscarriage and tears all round at Brookfield. It seems that Ruth will need Jill more than ever.

Week Ending 21 March 2014


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