A First Away Day is a Huge Success

As I posted the other day, Daniel and I were preparing for his first football away day at the League Cup Final yesterday. He had his clothes sorted out on Saturday evening, and by 715am, were ready to go! To give ourselves plenty of time to get there, get parked and get to the ground, left at 725 and were on our way. We arrived in good time for a McDonald’s breakfast, which was a must for Daniel!

Glasgow City-20140316-00248

Breakfast was consumed, and we were on our way through the city centre. Daniel was delighted to take in a bit of street theatre with a puppet show, which tickled his fancy.

Glasgow City-20140316-00250

Getting down there early certainly gave it all a feel of a big day out. Its a long time since I’ve been in Glasgow, and Daniel was enjoying what it had to offer. But puppet show or not, he was keen to get round to Celtic Park. I’d promised him a burger from the proliferation of burger vans that are present at any Cup Final, so it was on the number 43 bus down to the ground. No shopping around for us, and the first van we encountered was good enough. I think it was too close to breakfast for Daniel to do it full justice, but the majority of the burger was consumed. We’d got there very early, but the ground was already busy with fans waiting to get in. We managed a little treat and were on hand for the Aberdeen team arriving. Daniel was thrilled to see Russell Anderson pass right by him!

Glasgow City-20140316-00262

Not long after that, the gates opened, and we were in. Daniel was overawed by the size of Celtic Park, but was keen for the game to get underway. He was none too pleased when I told him there was over an hour to go! Still, it passed quickly enough, and it was game on.

Glasgow City-20140316-00275

The game took a bit of a downturn when after complaining of a sore tummy, Daniel decided to be very sick. Thankfully our seats were right at the end of a row and right beside an exit. He didn’t quite make it to the toilet, but at least wasn’t sick over anyone! He’d gone and picked up Matthew’s tummy bug, which had been a concern for me. He made it through the game though, and was thrilled to see Russell Anderson with the League Cup in his hands. Sickness or not, the day was suddenly worthwhile.

Glasgow City-20140316-00284

We were both on cloud nine after the win, and I think that alleviated Daniel’s suffering. He was wilting though. While we were waiting for the bus back to the City Centre, he actually dozed off at the bus stop! This was after being sick again though, and it was clear that our plan to meet my brother for dinner were going to have to be abandoned. Despite the late call off, Daniel’s uncle was fine with it (he was staying in a city centre hotel) as Daniel was obviously unwell. In the spirit of sharing, Matthew also passed on his bug to me, so by the time we were back at the car, I was feeling unwell! But, he wanted to go home, and so did I. The odd mishap got in the way – such as us both being sick while we negotiated the M80. Being sick into a bag while doing 60mph in heavy traffic isn’t to be recommended! The journey home was the low point of the day. A trip that should have taken 2.5 – 3 hours took us a whopping 5 hours. It was horrendous – worse when all you want to do is get to bed and fall asleep. Not wise when you’re behind the wheel!

Still, we made it home in one piece just after midnight, and despite Daniel being unwell and tired, he was still excited enough to tell Mummy that being poorly wasn’t good Aberdeen had won the cup. Despite the downs of the day, winning a Cup Final is always a terrific tonic, and ultimately it was a massive success. He can’t wait to a hoped for Scottish Cup Final appearance now!


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