Getting Ready For A First Away Day

Sunday is the biggest day Aberdeen fans have seen since the 2000 Scottish Cup Final. We’re back in the final again, and there’s going to be a massive exodus from Aberdeen for the game on Sunday. This last couple of seasons, Daniel has started coming to games with me. The freebie under 12 season ticket that came with mine seemed a great idea – it has meant that Daniel can pick and choose the games he goes to. As time has passed, he’s gained a much greater understanding of what’s happening out on the pitch. He’s becoming a fan.

When the semi final came around, I’d told him that if we won the game, we’d have a cup final on our hands. I couldn’t wait to get a ticket – I’ve not been to many away games since the boys came along, but I’d been to a lot over the last 40 years, so I’ve paid my dues and to me that justified getting a ticket. When the game was won, Daniel demanded a ticket. I’d decided to take him if we made it, and we’re almost ready for the off. As the day has gotten closer, the more excited Daniel has become. Going to games is a bit of an ordeal for him thanks to his Aspergers. Loud noises are a bit of sensory overload for him, but he’s ready for the tumult on Sunday. Thankfully he’s recovered from the op on his knees 3 weeks ago, although we’ll have his crutches on Sunday. He’s not been able to bath or shower for fear of infecting the wounds, but he can now, and he wants to bath daily so he’s clean for the Cup Final!

We’re driving down, so I’ve told him we’ll get an early start so we can get to Glasgow city centre nice and early. There’s the promise of breakfast at McDonalds on Sauchiehall Street to get him through the early start and long journey! The plan is to get there early enough to park then take our time to get down to Ingram Street for the bus down to Celtic Park. Thankfully there’s a stop in both directions right outside Celtic Park, so he won’t have to walk far at all. I’ve promised him burger and chips from the no-doubt numerous burger vans that are always on Cup Final duty. The bus back is just a 2 minute walk from the ground, so all being well (and no extra time!) we’ll be back in the city centre by 545pm.

Another little boost for Daniel is my brother is back home from Saudi Arabia for a couple of weeks. He’s going to be in Glasgow this weekend, so we’re meeting him for dinner at TGI Friday’s after the game. The restaurant is just a couple of hundred metres from the bus stop in the city centre, so a short walk for a big feed! He’ll be a tired little man when we get home – all being well, we’ll be home by 10ish – but if we see Russell Anderson lifting the League Cup on Sunday, it will be all worth the effort. COME ON YOU REDS!


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