Too old to treat.

ASD Mummy with issues.

My mum is the bane of my life – as you will have gathered by some of my previous moans about her.    I do however love her to bits.   After all she is my Mum.

When the child has to become the parent it does become increasingly difficult to know where the line is drawn.     After all, this is the person who did everything for you growing up, wiped your tears, your sore knees, and even your bum.        With my Mum though, I find it hard because she will not admit she has problems, and therefore wont get help.    She has become a self-imposed housebound person and is extremely lazy, or that is the way it comes across.      When we are on holiday, she is perfectly capable to get the bus into town to meet up with Hubbys Mum for lunch, but when we are here, she can’t leave the…

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