DLA – My Experience Claiming for a Child with Autism.

The World of Neil

Its highly topical at the moment. The welfare system is being reformed, and by reformed I mean its being made harder for legitimate claimants to claim for benefits. There’s a misconception that all you need to put your hand out, and you are quids in! I’m fairly sure that anyone with that view obviously hasn’t had to claim for anything at all.

My tale begins with our son being diagnosed with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder. The thought on claiming for anything hadn’t even occurred to us. It was hard enough to take in the fact that we’d been landed with this bombshell. Fortunately for us our Health Visitor – kept in the loop thanks to details of Matthew’s case being passed onto his GP – was on the ball. She came round to see Matthew and asked if we were claiming Disability Living Allowance. As I say, the idea hadn’t…

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