Leave Me Alone!

Today our little injured aspie finally went back to school after his operation on his knees. Since mid-February, he’s been in school just 2 days thanks to hols and time in hospital then post-op recovery. It was time to go back for him today at last, and he wasn’t really looking forward to it at all. I think the thought was the worst part of it. When any of us are off work for a while, the thought of going back is usually worse than the reality. Today was finally action stations for him.

Jane took the car today – usually we just walk, as its just five minutes or so on foot, but the route is uphill, and Jane thought it would be hard on Daniel’s legs. He made it though, and got into class, so all was well! I got a message from Jane mid-morning to say that she’d not had any frantic calls from the school to say that Daniel had hurt himself, so it was so far, so good! But as the day progressed, Daniel grew more upset with all the attention he was getting from his peers. One thing that has characterised Daniel’s Asperger’s is his need to be on the periphery of groups, and while he is fairly popular in class, he tends to hover on the edge of groups, and his teacher says he is so quiet, preferring to get on with work. So to be suddenly flung into the limelight with all of the class asking after him, checking he was feeling ok, it was all a little hard for him to take. Ultimately, he had a little paddy when the plaster covering the wound on his right knee – the one that has healed up superbly – came off. His teacher said he became quite distressed until she got another plaster for him.

It was all becoming too much for Daniel, and when a couple of P7 girls asked him what he’d done (he was on crutches today), he just put his head down and kept going. For a boy who does like the fact people say hello to him, even though he doesn’t like being centre stage, it was a telling little episode. After 2 weeks off and having had an operation, it was inevitable that he would be at the centre of all that happened today. Eventually, his peers will soon be used to Daniel being in their midst again, and the fuss will die down, and normality will resume. Thing is, will he go from being overwhelmed by the attention, to missing it when it goes? For now, I think he’d rather take the chance.


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