Adventure Time Weekend

As I may have reported a couple of weeks ago, Matthew and Daniel have a new obsession – the joys of being an autism parent – Adventure Time on Cartoon Network. Its a bizarre programme featuring a magical 28-year old (talking) dog, Jake and his companion Finn (the Human.) They discovered it on Sky On Demand and although there were only 3 episodes (of 2 stories each), they loved it instantly. It amusing and strange. Set in the Land of Ooo, with a diverse set of non-human characters, where Finn is in non-stop pursuit of Princess Bubblegum. Adventure Time focusses on Finn and Jake’s strange adventures.

I made the possible mistake of recording all of this week’s episodes (its on at least 3 times a day, so that’s a minimum of 6 episodes each day. Well, since then, the boys have been filling their boots on it. Its on constantly, and it won’t bother the boys if they see an episode 2 or 3 times in a day. This weekend has been Adventure Time weekend. This kind of obsessive behaviour is part of who Matthew and Daniel are. I suppose this is a reasonably healthy obsession, although it seems like every episode is a psychedelic adventure!

At least it has kept Daniel occupied and still while his knees have been healing following his op. That ‘s one of the difficulties with Daniel – even when he is unwell he doesn’t want to slow down. He’s on the go absolutely non-stop and it was a concern as to how we’d keep him from trying to slow down. Well, it seems that Adventure Time has done that nicely, and while it can get slightly wearing (I actually enjoy it too!) it has been performing a function this week. It has been quite hard trying to explain all of the gags, as the humour does seem pitched on multiple levels.

Its been a long week for Daniel. He has needed to be at home to help him get over his operation, and let his wounds heal. Were it not for Adventure Time keeping his special little brain active, it could have been infinitely longer! For the time being, we’re back off to the Land of Ooo for another adventure with Finn and Jake!


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