This Week in The Archers – Week Ending 7 March 2014

This week had a sickly beginning at Blossom Cottage with the sleazy Rob and Helen. Henry “not interrupting”? Ugh! But why does Rob want to keep their “engagement” a secret? Not wanting anyone to question him asking Helen to marry him when Jess has only agreed to a divorce? Will their engagement ever see the light of day? Rob’s phone call with Jess certainly didn’t have the sound of a couple on the verge of ending a marriage. Did Jess “go too far” by visiting Helen and risking whatever it is she and Rob are planning? Its looking more and more like Rob isn’t interested in Helen at all, but more for whatever he can get out of her?

Helen remains full of it to end the week. Ian does point out that it seemed out of character for Jess to meekly agree to a divorce. Helen remains the only one to miss the obvious. Naturally though, Helen couldn’t keep it to herself any more, and its Ian that’s winkled it out of her. No doubt Ian is honoured, but it does seem between the lines that he’s wondering why Rob has asked Helen to keep it a secret from her family. I’ve my doubts that Adam will be over the moon. Ian voices her doubts over Jess agreeing to a divorce. Helen only has Rob’s word, and now Ian sees it. No surprise Adam is shocked over it. He didn’t need much to come to the conclusion that it was Rob who asked Helen to keep it secret. It goes beyond there being something fishy going on. Keeping secrets really isn’t the way to start a relationship. It must be a matter of time before it all ends in tears.

Kirsty of course – still sceptical of Rob’s intentions – who hits the nail on the head. We’ve only got Rob’s word for it that Jess has agreed to a divorce. Like a lot of things really. Helen takes everything Rob says as the gospel truth. She’s in no mood to question anything, and Kirsty is wasting her breath. Not that Kirsty has much room for anything at the moment but to put up with Tom’s constant childish moaning. Whatever happens with any of them, it’ll all be Tony’s fault. Helen is non-stop on her domestic bliss with Rob. I think she’d believe the sun would rise in the west in the morning if Rob told her it did. Kirsty can only half listen as she continues to ponder her wedding plans. It doesn’t sound like she’s enjoying it at all, and its almost forcing Helen to burst with her news. Kirsty takes the plunge on the dress, but reading between the lines, it doesn’t sound like Kirsty is full-on for the wedding. Tom’s moaning, self-centeredness, control freakery is maybe giving Kirsty second thoughts. But having her wedding planned by Helen? Ye Gods Kirsty, come to your senses! Thankfully for them, Alice is at a loose end on a day off. Are they sure that’s a better idea? At least it lightens Tom’s mood after yet another run-in with Tony over the cows. Tony was in conciliatory mood until Tom opened his mouth to rant once more. Tom even managed to mention Tony making decisions behind his back without a hint of irony. Pot and kettle there I think Tom.

Still, there’s even bigger problems on hand for Jennifer. The kitchen drawer is stuck! Clearly, there’s only one solution, and its not fixing the drawer! NO, there are the Gibson’s to keep up with, and only a new kitchen will satisfy Jennifer. The only question was would Jennifer try and convince Brian, or just tell him? There was no doubt of course, and with Alice’s timely intervention, Brian was being presented with a done deal. It was always inevitable that Brian would give in. With Alice and Adam fighting Jennifer’s corner, it was only a matter of time. Just get ready to put your hand in your pocket Brian.

Its all watery though over at Brookfield. Luckily for Ruth and David, they’ve still got their live-in housemaid on hand. It seems Ruth is getting a bit concerned that Jill will soon return to Glebe, leaving the kitchen in Ruth’s hands once again. It seems inevitable that Ruth will win the day, and convince Jill that a permanent move back to Brookfield is the best course of action. Given that David – constantly eating – is enjoying the fruits of Jill’s kitchen efforts – Jill will have a willing ally if she declares her intention to not return to Glebe. Jill’s mere mention of Brookfield feeling like home has Ruth’s hopes up, but Ruth makes the effort to score an own goal. Will it end up convincing Jill to return home? I’m sure that David doesn’t see her as a nuisance! It seems though that Jill could be the subject of a tug-of-war between Ruth and Shula. I bet Ruth that one. Maybe Jill can stay on to stop David from talking while eating. I’m sure Jill would insist. Ruth is feeling a bit down as Jill has made her temporary return to Glebe. Is she fearing it becoming permanent? Ruth may be down, but the threat of Jill heading to Shula’s is beyond alarming. Tears may well be useful in convincing Jill to be on hand.

Its another one of the Archers who continues to give us all light relief down at the Bull as Kenton is in his element with Shrove Tuesday being upon us. Kenton is right at home at the centre of things, but its not just eggs that are being broken down at the Bull. Fallon hits Jolene with the news that Reece is heading back to Wales, and its all over between them. To be fair, Fallon doesn’t sound all that heartbroken. It seems Dan is part way to convincing Fallon to travel the world, but is the field suddenly open for Jazzer with the love of his life. Maybe he’ll face competition from young pup Daniel? But, what a coincidence that Reece heads back to Wales the same time a hunky, single young policeman becomes active in village life. How long before PC Burns proves too arresting for Fallon? But that competition wasn’t the only one in town as Kenton wasn’t the only one with a green face after some of the more unpalatable offerings from the Bull regulars. Nic’s win will no doubt have given Emma green tinge. With Ambridge suffering with the weather, and the village’s water supply a no-go area, the Bull provides a perfect lift for Ambridge, and Kenton hits the spot with everyone. The water crisis brings the village together, and Alan and Saint Shula are at the forefront of relief efforts. With Shula having been sacked as the seemingly recovered Darrell’s carer, she’s at the heart of it all. Kenton’s not the only one in their element!

It does seem that Kenton’s competitive spirit could get the better of himself, as its game on again with him and Jolene, this time over Lent. Will their friendly – and sometimes unfriendly – bickering ever end? Alan though seems an example of what a vicar should be. For him, actions over words will always save the day. Its a time of crisis for Ambridge, and Alan’s will-do spirit does what it has too for his parishioners. The St Stephen’s dream team of him and Shula just can’t be stopped. Maybe it’ll keep Shula too busy to get her hands on Jill. Ruth sure hopes so!

Week Ending 28 February 2014


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