This Week in The Archers – Week Ending 28 February 2014

The week starts off with a scene of domestic bliss at Blossom Cottage but Rob has his way of manipulating Helen – and Pat. Quite a turnaround for Helen to worry about dumping Henry on Pat. Well, Rob’s plan didn’t work so well with Pat who has her little ways of getting back at him. Its petty, but its one of the few weapons that Pat has. Helen may well be trying emotional blackmail, but its only at Rob’s urging. Rob isn’t giving up easily. Maybe one of his employees could take Henry off Helen’s hands. Its not stopped her before. It certainly doesn’t bother her that Rob is making decisions for Henry. I think that Henry not being able to get down from bed is just what Rob is thinking about. Life with a toddler isn’t quite what Rob had in mind when he played away from home with Jess. But its got Helen going, and the chance to keep Henry in his own bed can’t wait. Helen’s approach though to keeping Henry occupied is quite amazing. By giving him a screwdriver? I’d not let my kids anywhere near one! Hey Helen, don’t ask, just take it. Oh well, at least Helen – and Henry – has seen another side of Rob, however brief it was. Still, it doesn’t take much to please a 2 year old, but giving Rob the idea of removing the ladder? Helen, you fool. A fool in more ways than one with Rob involved. Love certainly is blind.

Rob is right in it with Jess still though. Divorce is mentioned by Rob, but it seems that Jess is having none of it. Not seeing sense? Just what is she planning? Rob isn’t taking no for an answer though, and doesn’t think twice on laying a guilt trip on Jess – if she is playing the suicide card with Rob. Will we get the full back story? I suspect if we do, Helen won’t like to hear it. Rob is getting his way it seems, but Jess doesn’t seem the kind to meekly give in. Rob can’t wait to tell Helen. Kirsty is cynical of course. Just what is he up to? Helen is just getting in deeper and deeper. She seems incredibly naïve that she swallows everything Rob puts her way. Helen is excited, naturally, but Pat gets to the point. If he’s done it to Jess, he could do it to Helen. Amazingly Tony offers Rob some support, but I can’t see Pat ever giving in. Helen is infuriating though. She knows nothing about Rob and the relationship between him and Jess. And she seems to have completely forgotten about his Valentine’s night away. Will Jess put a spanner in the works, or is this storyline ready to run and run? Rob always sounded too good to be true, and you felt there was a more sinister side to him. How soon before she’s thinking wedding bells? Well, not before Rob does. Get ready for the biggest mistake of your life Helen.

But it seems that Tony’s plan to thwart Tom has really struck a chord with Pat. Maybe he’s gone behind her back, but Pat is secretly delighted. Tony has a point in not telling Tom. Its Tony’s farm, and if he feels he’s done the right thing, then Pat is happy. Let’s hope that that reason isn’t simply to spite Tom and Peggy. No surprise that Tom isn’t happy. Tom, with no hint of irony, tells Kirsty that he and Tony are supposed to be running the farm together. With Tom making every single decision and riding roughshod over Tony? Don’t like it when the shoe is on the other foot Tom? Well, there’s still fight in the old dog yet. Its ridiculous that its still all about himself. Tom moans about Tony being childish? Cancelling the reception at Bridge Farm wasn’t? Its not Tony’s fault. Tom might look at his own behaviour. Tony had his brush with death, and he’s full of confidence and energy. Can Tom ever understand? Tom is certainly Peggy’s grandson, and no mistake. Its all about grasping for money for Tom. Tony is wasting his breath talking about vision. Sentiment isn’t such a bad thing – lack of it certainly hasn’t always helped Tom.

Tony and Tom don’t take much longer to lock horns. Kirsty’s plea for Tom to talk to Tony backfired in double quick time. Its good to hear Tony being on top with Tom. It would be perfect if Tony makes a smart business decision that profits Bridge Farm while Tom gets bailed out on a regular basis by Peggy, Brian and Tony himself. Tony is right though, he and Tom are just a team when is suits Tom. Maybe Kirsty should just keep quiet as her input is just making matters worse. Tom really thinks he’s the top businessman. He needs to take a close look at his track record. He’s quite happy to throw money around on the wedding. Maybe Tony has a point? Kirsty isn’t so keen on spending that money, and I can’t help get the feeling that Tom and Kirsty are going the way of Tom and Brenda. Her way forward doesn’t reconcile with Tom’s. Can they reconciled their differences over the wedding? Kirsty sounds full of doubts. Will she be able to resolve them?

Jill is making herself right at home at Brookfield. Is Ruth regretting her offer maybe? Is she surprised that Jill is sorting out the kitchen to suit herself? Surely that’s just what Ruth was hoping for with Jill taking over the kitchen. No more burnt offerings for David, Josh & Ben. I bet that David’s misgivings will soon disappear when Jill’s offerings land on the table. Jolene couldn’t miss the that Jill is settled right in. Just what Ruth was looking for. It also seems that David is enjoying it too with Jill taking over the Brookfield catering. Not only are they getting fed by Jill, but are getting her to play the little old lady card nicely for their Aga oil. Will Pip get her room back at all? Its lifted Jill’s spirits too, and she’s right at the heart of village life once again. Any collaboration with Lynda is a formidable partnership. Are we talking about an irresistible force? I doubt Emma will be up to resisting Jill in full-on domestic mode. Seems Jill isn’t used to having a cleaner on hand. Will Emma have any work left to do after Jill has finished? It certainly sounds like Emma isn’t too happy with Jill lending a hand. Can’t imagine she’s sounding like she thinks Jill is wonderful. Still the news the move isn’t permanent – just yet – has lifted her mood.

Kenton and Jolene are still having their little water-related problem. And clothes related. They may be part of Jolene’s past, but they are just that – in the past. What can she possibly need them for? She never wear them, so move on Jolene! There might be worse to come if the insurers don’t come up with the goods. Will Kenton’s prevarication come back to haunt him at last? Fortunately – and inevitably – for Kenton, he lands on his feet as the insurers come up with the goods. With Kenton being in in a reconciliatory mood, Jolene is in for a surprise through the post. The little friction between the two of them has vanished in the blink of an eye. But a Kenton plan? Oh, Jolene, be careful! Kenton usually makes a huge success of Shrove Tuesday, so go for it!

It seems that Jolene’s spirits have been lifted by the thought of PC Burns coming to Ambridge. Will the womenfolk of Ambridge be hot on his tail? You bet they will. He’s enough to encourage Helen to dump Henry on Rob…well, it usually doesn’t take much for Helen to palm off Henry. Why on earth did Helen have him? Still, the Village Hall is buzzing with PC Burns being in attendance. Emma is there for a moan about Nic, but the rest? Its all about PC Burns! I’m sure he’s a fine speaker, but a kitchen designer? Hey Jennifer, I’ve got an idea, why don’t the WI get “A craftsman” (me) in to have a chat to the ladies of Ambridge? Funny that with Darrell “getting back on his feet” Jennifer is suddenly in need of a handyman? One plus one usually equals two. But that aside, did any of the womenfolk hear PC Burns? Who would know the WI was so fascinating. But pole dancing? Helen’s all for it – is Rob in for a surprise?

Alan is back on the scene, keeping up his unlikely friendship with Jim Lloyd. Any episode with Jim in it is no bad thing. But there’s some trouble ahead with Jack’s bequest for the new stained glass window. I’m not sure that Alan needs to be taking Jim’s advice though on the stained glass window. It does need to honour Jack’s memory, but putting it out to the vote? But their relationship is a good reminder that differences in life can make it all the richer. Jim has been great for Jazzer, and it seems he’s just as good for Alan. Alan though had better be careful on the stained glass idea – don’t dare step on Lynda’s toes! The commemoration of the start of the Great War looks like being another battle. Will Lynda leave it all to Jennifer? With Lynda ending her exile from village life, I doubt it!

Week Ending 21 February 2014


3 thoughts on “This Week in The Archers – Week Ending 28 February 2014

  1. Ann Henderson says:

    Neil, thank you so much for such an entertaining summary!! I do listen, but I also enjoy reading your particular slant on things xx

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