Long Week for our Aspie

As many will know, our little aspie – Daniel – has been in hospital this week for an op on his knees. The operation went well, and recovery is well underway. Slow recovery. Like most ASD children, sitting (or lying) around waiting isn’t something they are capable of managing and the strain has been telling on Daniel. His view of the op was that he’s be on his feet the following day and would be walking out of the hospital. The reality has been very different, and he’s found it hard to cope with. There’s a lot of work with the physios involved, and he’s been resistant to their input because however necessary it is, it hurts. Its difficult for him to accept that he needs to go through that to get home, and he’s desperate to get home having watched other children be admitted then discharged before him.

When I took Matthew to see Daniel last night, it was evident however that he was starting to make good progress. He’d been on his feet for 30 seconds (it doesn’t seem long, but for Daniel it was a triumph) and had been able to go through to the play area on the ward. It really lifted his spirits to think that he was moving forward at last. When we saw him, he was looking much happier than he had the day before. Despite the work with the physio, I think he sees discharge coming a little bit closer, and that is motivating him at last. Its a big psychological barrier to get over, and now he’s done it, I think he’s progress much more quickly. The positive sign last night was that he and Matthew had a little “debate” over which DVD they’d watch during the visit. Matthew had been fantastic with Daniel this week, and has been so worried and caring, but to see them resume some of their normal day-to-day interaction is a move forward, and is a clear sign that Daniel is getting better.

But its been a long week for him. Inevitably there’s been a lot of waiting for him. Waiting to see the doctor, waiting to have details taken, waiting to go down to theatre, waiting for medication, waiting for food. Its been difficult for him to cope with all that but I think its now starting to work as a motivator for him. If he can prove to clinical staff that he’s capable of moving around, then he’ll get home and the waiting will be over for him.

We’ve still got no idea of how he’ll cope around the house and getting to school in the immediate term, but that is a worry for another day. Right now, Daniel just wants to come home, and that’s something we all agree on.


8 thoughts on “Long Week for our Aspie

      • ocdcpnmom3 says:

        It really brings a certain level of surprise to your life, when my son has great days, they are filled with so much love and happiness! I treasure those days so very much! I am learning so much through this experience, how to be a more patient person and understanding, he teaches me things as well! 🙂

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