This Week in The Archers – Week Ending 21 February 2014

We kicked off the week in Ambridge with Rob returning to the scene of his crime(s), but what reaction will he get from Helen? Well, Helen is caught between believing the worst (isn’t that what usually happens with Helen and men?) and not believing a word Jess says about her beloved Rob. Has he got something to hide? Naturally, as he’s quick enough to make sure Helen doesn’t get a hold of his phone.

The saga over Jolene’s clothes rumbles on, but at the Bull, its time for celebration as its Tony’s birthday. Except that the mood Tony is in at the moment – no invite for Peggy, or did she just turn it down? But in keeping with the current Bridge Farm atmosphere, Tony’s birthday is something that Tom has to be reminded of. Even though he seems to have lost focus from his ready meals empire, he’s certainly as self-centred as ever. But Kenton spreading the news of Jazzer’s disappointment at the Valentine’s singles night passes right over Tony and Tom, but hits a nerve with Helen. Will it be deja vu for Helen with Rob seemingly playing away from home? It certainly wasn’t a gathering to remember for the Bridge Farm Archers. Tony’s not in the mood – or is rather in a mood – and Jolene reminds Helen indirectly that “you’ve got to trust your partner” – maybe trust is in short supply round at Blossom Cottage. But Tony can see a way out of his gloom. His plan to thwart Tom & prove himself to Peggy gathers pace. Is he willing to put his life at risk over it? He’s had one heart attack, so it might not take much to kick off another. We could yet see Peggy over his hospital bed telling him “I told you so” all over again. But Tony has other cows on his mind, and he’s not holding back on his plans for putting Tom and Peggy in their places. Has he thought this through? Of course not! But its got Tony in a better mood, and Pat has noticed. She’s convinced its down to the Bull re-opening again. She was always going to be delighted she finds out! Well, it doesn’t take long, and to top it all off for Tony, Tom is on hand to see them delivered. He’s not happy, but Pat is thrilled. What is he playing at Tom? Isn’t it obvious? Its Tony’s farm, end of story. Think on that. Its not all about your plan. Maybe sometime Tony has a good idea. Its a big win for Tony, and he’s right to put Tom straight. Its not his farm, and its time he’s been put straight. Well played Tony.

Helen though couldn’t keep quiet for long, but her confrontation with Rob went a bit flat in the end. He shocked her by admitting he was with Jess, but he played a low card with Helen, playing on her painful memories of Greg, and his suicide. The tale of Jess being a suicide risk, and Rob having to rush round to save her again was swallowed whole by Helen. Rob is a controller, and is manipulating Helen beautifully. Helen was so willing to believe his hogwash that despite asking where he was when he was in fact with Jess, she didn’t ask where he really was on Valentine’s? Its not long though before it seems Helen has forgotten all about Rob’s “away day” but will tuna get in the way of that? Yes Rob, Helen is just getting to know you – she does seem to forget that she doesn’t really know you at all. It all sounds rather forced at Blossom Cottage, but Rob has plans – shouldn’t that worry Helen? You bet it won’t. But Rob has made the world right again – the new bed has arrived, and no doubt all thoughts of Jess and Rob’s away days have completely gone. Oh Rob, you are so clever (not.) Well, Rob may be a serial adulterer but at least he knows how to put on a pillowcase. Every day is a school day. I’m not surprised Helen has a system for everything.

The week continued to focus on the Archers – Bridge Farm, Brookfield & Kenton alike. At last Ruth floats the idea of Jill coming to Brookfield to stay. Not that this hasn’t been coming of course. David is (not) surprisingly resistant to the idea. I did think the image of Jill walking in on them just as Ruth had come out of the shower was rather unpleasant! But Jill has to wait for Kenton, as his reputation for doing half jobs, or putting them off all together comes back to bite him as the Bull floods with Jolene narrowly avoiding the deadly mix of water & electricity. But that’s not the biggest disaster for Jolene. Over and above losing all the cash they made on Valentine’s on electricians, de-humidifiers and the like, the flood has ruined Jolene’s old clothes. Oh Kenton, you’ve scored a massive own goal there. Jolene certainly isn’t in the mood for his humour and positivity. She’s positively spitting feathers over her clothes. Kenton will have to suffer for that – at least Jolene didn’t kick him out of the Bull entirely. Kenton has made a habit of that – will he ever learn how to look after the womenfolk in his life?

Its Jill still on Ruth’s radar though. She’s feeling a deep responsibility for Jill, who has been engineering a move back to Brookfield beautifully. David is resistant, but the thought of having Jill on hand for cooking, cleaning etc is surely too much to resist. David asks Tony for advice on that front, but with Tony in the mood he’s in over Peggy, he’s surely the last person to ask! Ruth finally asks Jill, who can’t wait to get her stuff back round to Brookfield. Just how long will the “week or two” run on for? Well, Jill can’t wait to feel right at home with her clan again. It certainly didn’t take her long to get back into the swing of it when she put Kenton right over Jolene!

But the Archer boys have something to take their minds off of home troubles with Operation Sheep Rescue. The script writers have remembered that the south of the country is suffering massively from flooding, and they’re off to save the sheep from a farm run by one of Ruth’s old contacts. David decides to rope Tony in, who is right with the programme. The excitement of it all really fires Tony’s imagination, and it was a welcome diversion from his troubles at home, although it did give Pat & Tony a chance to burden David & Ruth with their troubles! Tony still has Peggy and Tom on his mind. But it seems Tom will have money matters on his plate soon. Kirsty is seemingly pulled along with the wedding plans against her will. She grudgingly pays a £500 deposit for her wedding dress. I’m sure Tom will be delighted when he’s got to find another £2000 for it. Ah well, there’s always Peggy.

At least Clarrie was able to give us a bit of light relief this week. Jennifer was still completely in the dark over the extent of Susan’s lottery win, and Clarrie couldn’t resist a bit of fun. Jennifer’s horror at the thought of Susan joining the “County Set” was priceless. A Horrobin as Lady of the Manor? Perish the thought! It did seem slightly out of character for Clarrie to win up one of her “betters” but she couldn’t keep the game up. Jennifer took the jest – much to Brian’s hilarity – in good spirits though. Having your fears of a Horrobin becoming landed gentry will raise Jennifer’s spirits any day! Susan is moving on from that little story – she’s getting the gossip on Kirsty & Tom’s wedding. Pat is still thrilled with it all, but is she in for disappointment over it all? She needs to speak to Tom really who’s full on with plans on changing them. He’s really thrown his toys out of the pram on the back of Tony’s news. Grow up Tom. But Peggy, just what have you done?

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