Anniversary Time

11 years ago today, Jane and I were celebrating getting married. 20 February 2003 was the fateful day. We had a small gathering as we didn’t want to make a huge deal of it. We had those that mattered most around us, and totalled 14 including the minister who did the service. It was at a lovely hotel in Aberdeen’s west end, and the meal was terrific, and everyone enjoyed themselves. We managed to get rid of everyone by 8pm – not for the reasons most may assume, but because we needed our sleep as the excitement of a trip to Toronto the next morning for our honeymoon beckoned!

The last 11 years have had their ups and downs – as any marriage would – but we’ve had more ups than downs, and we are happy. Of course, we have the boys, which really puts the icing on our little cake. Jane and I always take the time to mark our anniversary – although we don’t go heavy on the gifts. We set a challenging budget of £5 each, and use the anniversary token (this year it was steel) as the theme. Jane hit the jackpot last year, and managed to get mine for less than £1 including postage! The value is irrelevant. Its more that Jane has thought about it that matters more.

As usual, I took the day off work, and we headed into town, principally for lunch at a restaurant in the main shopping centre there. Its a buffet restaurant, and that suits us fine. It may not be Michelin starred, but its something we enjoy, and its a time where its just Jane and myself. Don’t get me wrong, we love our time with the boys, but we do treasure our time together without the boys. Its a chance for us to be human again. It was preceded by a leisurely coffee, a bit of shopping, then lunch! It was a lovely morning with Jane, and after the start to the year we’ve had, it felt like we’d really earned it.

Well, we’ve got year 12 underway, and no doubt we will make the most of our day out (although we really do need to make the time for ourselves more this year) and will enjoy it when it comes. Right now, I’m thankful for the last 11 years, which Jane has made so good. Thank you Jane!


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