This Week in The Archers – Week Ending 14 February 2014

For a change, the week in Ambridge started with a bit of light relief – it generally does when Kenton is involved. My favourite character is always good for the more light-hearted stories, and this week was no change from that. He certainly made a schoolboy error by having a go at Jolene’s wardrobe. Jolene took it as a dig at her past – surely Kenton isn’t ashamed of Jolene’s past, is he? I suppose he is an Archer after all, but he could be forgiven as the tension rises at The Bull. Its Romantic Couples v Singles at the Bull this Valentines after Kenton threw down the gauntlet to Jolene. Well Kenton, you ought to be careful who you challenge! Kenton is being “helpful” as only Kenton can though, although Jolene isn’t seeing it that way – Valentine’s is taking its toll at The Bull! But its hard for Jolene to keep being angry with Kenton. Despite the odd hiccup – poor Jazzer having Melanie stolen by PC Burns – its a huge success, and its a happy Valentine’s for Kenton and Jolene after all.

Its not so light-hearted at Bridge Farm though. Tony is burying himself in his work, trying to avoid the growing sadness that is building after his rejection by Peggy over her will, and Tom’s ridiculous behaviour – and not to mention Helen either! It might have occupied Pat had Rob not given her a surprise call. He cleverly manipulated Pat, getting her onside with his Valentine’s plan for Helen. Rob certainly does seem the control freak. Already making decisions for Helen – and Henry – behind Helen’s back. He thought nothing of controlling Pat and Tony either. He seems prepared to use anyone.

Tom though is no longer focussed on his sausage empire, but its all wedding plans and his life with Kirsty. She has nicely diverted Tom away from his plan he had shared with Brenda of building a new house at Bridge Farm. Helen is delighted for Kirsty, never mind that she’ll be working to death to pay for it all! To be honest, Kirsty might think twice about moaning how much a house would cost when she is trying on £2k wedding dresses. Helen is in dreamland though – not even Rob’s “work” trip away on a Friday night rings any alarm bells. She really is blind to Rob’s goings-on. Will Kirsty be able to refrain from the ultimate “I told you so”? But head of (no doubt) treating her mean, Rob is keeping Helen keen with a jolly to Birmingham. Poor little Henry is passed from pillar to post to suit Rob. Helen gets her big night out though – its just a shame she didn’t get Valentine’s night itself. That’s being saved for the other woman Helen. Pat should do her nut at Helen when she comes crawling back, but you know full well that it will be forgiveness all round. Its what Pat does.

Tom though continues to be full of himself. His moaning about Tony – and Eddie – to Roy was a bit distasteful. You’re hardly Borcetshire nobility Tom, so go easy on Tony. He’s in full moan about money though – but Roy puts him in the direction he would be heading to anyway – Peggy. How many times has Tom been bailed out by his family? At least Tony has worked for everything he’s got – and he still does. Maybe Tom needs reminding that its Tony’s farm, and its Tony who has worked for all the advantages Tom now has – instead of depending on family handouts. He wastes no time though in putting his plans to Peggy. He’s used to it now – and no doubt so is Peggy. But Tom is Peggy’s golden child, and despite queries over figures, Peggy has no hesitation in bailing Tom out yet again. But Peggy isn’t thinking so fondly of her own son. Tony gives her the silent treatment on the way to the doctors but Peggy isn’t in the mood for it at all. She makes it clear to Tony that she has no intention of changing her will, and that its all or nothing on Tom. Well Tony, remind Peggy what you’ve done for the farm. How you were a pioneer, how you built up the farm into a going concern. Earlier comparisons between Jack Archer & Tony from Peggy were well below the belt. But the news that Peggy will help Tom move away from Bridge Farm is a bombshell for Tony, and he’s not taking it well. Is another heart attack around the corner? It seems that perhaps Peggy’s will may well split the Bridge Farm Archers after all.

Over at Brookfield, Ruth is in a right mood – again. David’s double alarm to get him up for lambing doesn’t impress Ruth, but her ridiculous mithering over Pip’s birthday present in the pitch dark when David has just stumbled out of bed had her going. But for David, the potential of the Am flooding was slightly more worrying. But Ruth is feeling the strain of the lambing season – and Jill’s break in. A call to PC Burns doesn’t help relieve the stress, but instead leads to burnt offerings for David and Ben. But never fear, Jill turns up the next day to save their bacon. She kindly puts up with Ruth’s moaning and makes sure there are no more burnt offerings. She’s also not slow in accepting David’s offer to stay over. Didn’t see that coming – with Jill taking forever to get ready to go home. Are we being prepared for Jill moving back to Brookfield full time? Will anyone tell Pip?

Susan Carter for once is the centre of gossip (not just the spreader!) on her return from holiday. Clarrie can barely bring herself to say a civil word to Susan, just when Susan is digging for the latest gossip on Helen and the rest of the Bridge Farm Archers. Clarrie has Hazel on her mind, but her incivility towards Susan is more to do with missing out on some of Susan’s “millions” from her lottery win. But ultimately it does bring them a little closer together when Susan gives Clarrie the full tale. With families like theirs, having close friends is all the more important.

But its back to Helen and a Valentine’s night to forget. She’s seemingly unbothered that Rob is “working” away on Valentine’s, but that all changes when Jess shows up. Well, it clears up two things for a start – Jess hasn’t been murdered by Rob, and Jess isn’t the other woman on Valentine’s. Jess is unsurprised that Helen has hooked up with Rob, but she tries to paint a more realistic picture of her husband that Helen’ idealised view. Despite the fact Rob cheated on his wife with Helen, Helen can’t accept what Jess is saying. Still, she does try to give Helen a “friendly” warning to what she is taking on. She’s been a mug, but will she choose to ignore Jess? The bombshell (only to Helen) that Rob was nowhere near Essex on business, but was in Jess’s bed should rock Helen’s world. Happy Valentine’s Day Helen!

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