Everything is Awesome About The Lego Movie

Today was the end of weeks of waiting for Matthew – and Daniel – today we were going to see The Lego Movie ( https://theworldofneil.wordpress.com/2014/02/04/lego-pressure/) Jane and I were crossing our fingers that it would live up to Matthew’s expectations. He’s been talking about nothing since he heard it was to be in the cinema this month. He’s watched so many clips it seemed like he’d seen the full movie! He has already told us he wants it on DVD – before he’d seen it! Well, would two Lego-loving boys be impressed or underwhelmed?

I must admit that I wasn’t sure it looked to good. A couple of clips I saw had a couple of so-so gags in it. Maybe it would fail to deliver and we’d be left disappointed. I shouldn’t have worried. Right from the start it was brilliant. Definitely a kids movie on the surface, but with humour pitched on two levels so to keep the adults in the audience engaged. Hard to not like a movie with Morgan Freeman in it. But it was definitely Chris Pratt as lead character Emmett who stole the show. He ultimately lead us on a journey that reminded us toys are meant for free play, not to focus the mind on a specific goal. I know some of the modern day Lego sets are often stunning kits, but they leave little to the imagination.

I’m not going to go into a blow-by-blow account of the movie – just go and see it. I went in reasonably looking forward to it, but came out thrilled by it. It had plenty of slapstick humour in it for the kids but the gags in the dialogue were equally brilliant. A combination of the two was a hilarious end result at times. A kids movie that has adults laughing out loud is a brilliant success by the writers and director. The success of it lay in marrying up well known fictional characters and putting them in unexpected situations. Will Arnett as Batman was brilliantly done. Even he recognises that ultimately its Emmett that’s the real hero.

What made it a success for us was the fact that the boys sat transfixed for the movie’s 1 hour & 40 minutes. Anything that has two ASD boys sitting still – and holds their attention – for that length of time has definitely done something right. Matthew was beaming when we came out of the cinema. The look on his face was a picture. It turned out that Lego had definitely delivered for him. It was quite a relief really. He just couldn’t stop talking about it – or stop singing the catchy little tune that runs through the movie (and through your head once you’ve heard it!) “Everything is Awesome” There was no question whatsoever that for Matthew (and Daniel) that The Lego Movie definitely was AWESOME! For me, it was an unexpected gem, and I can foresee it becoming a firm favourite in our house once it hits DVD format.

Well done Lego. Thanks to you, Everything is Awesome!


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