Its All Getting to our Aspie

The last few weeks have been hectic for all concerned in our house. Jane of course has been ill following a tonsillectomy, and its affected Daniel. He finally gave in to a poorly chest, and has been knocked out the last few days. I think its no small coincidence that its come just as his operation on his knees is just 2 weeks away. I’m not saying that he’s trying to avoid it – quite the opposite really, he’s keen to have it out of the way – but it just seems that the strain of the last few weeks, and the upcoming op have been two bookends pushing at Daniel in the middle.

Daniel of course finally reacted the only way he knows how when he’s under a lot of stress – he just lets it all out. Today he’s been on the stairs a couple of times, been sobbing his hear out, and has generally been letting Jane get the sharp end of his tongue. I think that Daniel’s independent streak and maturity beyond his years makes it easy to forget how young and vulnerable our little aspie is. He often puts over the impression that he’s coping with things a lot better than Matthew is. But then he finds it all piling up and suddenly he just can’t hold it in any more.

It hasn’t helped of course that he’s poorly at the moment. He’s frustrated by not being able to go about at full speed as usual, and he’s not slow in letting his frustrations out on the rest of us. Its difficult for us to be more understanding towards Daniel as I say, his independent nature and maturity makes it seem like he can handle what life throws at him. He can’t of course, and maybe we need to be able to step back and be a little more understanding of the turmoil that’s often going on in his head.

He’s calm now, and is looking tired, though he won’t admit it. Its all taken it out of him physically, as his meltdowns are a huge release of physical energy. He was woken up this morning before he was ready, and maybe that’s added to his mood. I think he’ll be ready for bed, although it being a Friday night, he’ll try his level best to keep going as long as he possibly can. But with no need to get up early tomorrow, I think I’ll try and play it by ear and start being a bit more understanding towards our little aspie.


2 thoughts on “Its All Getting to our Aspie

  1. The strain has to come out somewhere and he’s been under a lot of strain. It would be a lot for any child to cope with all these things at once.

    He’s very lucky to have such understanding parents.

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