Lego Pressure

What child doesn’t love Lego? When I was a kid, naturally I had Lego – the regular building block ones. They were all the Lego we needed. Now there are some pretty amazing kits available to kids (and older kids!) that look fantastic although they don’t leave too much to the imagination – that doesn’t mean I don’t want the Lego Millenium Falcon anymore!

The boys love it though – Daniel in particular is happy to create something with Lego out of his imagination. Its what Lego is all about, and it still retains that magic. The tie-up with Star Wars though really fires Daniel – and myself of course. Usually I’m resistant to watching/playing anything that’s even a slight parody of the Star Wars I love. But with Lego its different. They’ve taken a great concept and made it fun. We’ve got Lego Star Wars (the Complete Saga) for Wii and DS in our house. They’re not the boys though – they’re mine! I love playing them, but Daniel loves it even more. When he’s patient with it, he can work out the puzzles in the game, and is thrilled when he completes a level, finding the canisters.

Matthew takes a back seat when Daniel is playing the game. He loves the physical Lego too, but its Lego in cinema that does it for Matthew. He loves watching Lego Ninjago over and over. He’ll tell me about each of the characters he knows so well, what they can do, and who the bad guy is. He enjoys the Lego Star Wars shorts we have (we’ve got Padawan Menace and The Empire Strikes Out, which are great fun) so when I saw a trailer for The Lego Movie when I was in to see the Desolation of Smaug I couldn’t wait to tell Matthew about it. He was thrilled. Naturally he wanted to see it immediately. Imagine his distress when it turned out it wasn’t out until February!

It turned out we had a bit of luck at Christmas though. My brother, knowing we often go to kids club at Cineworld – gave us Cineworld vouchers, and when Matthew saw them, he insisted we’d be using them for The Lego Movie! Well, its almost upon us. Advanced screenings are this weekend, and we’ve duly booked 4 tickets for the 3D screening on Sunday morning. Matthew can’t wait. He’s already talking about seeing it again at Kids Club and getting it on DVD. He’s even now talking about getting The Lego Movie on Wii for Daniel’s birthday.

The thing is Matthew isn’t even considering the possibility of not liking the movie. To be fair the clips we’ve seen look fairly amusing and given his preference for all things Lego in film it does seem inconceivable that he won’t like it. But the pressure really is on The Lego Movie to deliver. We’ve got an ASD boy who’s mind is set on loving it, although I’m of the mind that he is so rigid in his thinking that he will convince himself he will like it no matter how good/bad it actually is.

So come on Lego, let’s hope you’ve got a hit on your hands. We’re counting on you to deliver once again!


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