Springing a Leak

It never rains around here, its just keeps pouring down…so sang Dire Straits many years ago. The last two weeks have been fairly stressful in our house with Jane in hospital with her tonsillectomy and resulting complications. She’s home now and slowly recovering. She’s saying she’s very light-headed and isn’t sure if its not eating enough and/or her medication. She did lose a litre of blood on Sunday, so I suspect it might well be a combination of all of the above.

The start to the year doesn’t end there though. Just before Christmas our washing machine looked like it was leaking from the front. We just put towels down as the leak wasn’t deadly with the intention of ringing around to get it repaired after the holidays. Well, today we had someone come round and they searched for signs of a leak before finding a small tear in the seal round the door. £56 for a new seal – or we could patch the tear using a puncture repair kit we were told. Well, that will do. But, the repair man spotted dripping coming from the pipes round the back of the machine. When Jane’s mum showed me where, it looks like its the waste pipe that there’s a little leak.

Fortunately its all plastic pipes there, so I’m hoping its easily remedied. That’s where British Gas Homecare has been so brilliant for us. £38 a month, but we don’t have to worry about calling out a plumber. They’re coming round on Friday morning, and hopefully we will then be leak free. It will certainly close off a sorry start to the year. Don’t you just love January?


2 thoughts on “Springing a Leak

    • Naturally we would otherwise scouring your recipes for inspiration! Sadly, this week has all left the cooking in my amateurish hands! We’ve come out the other side though!

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