Back Where She Belongs

Jane’s tonsillectomy odyssey continued today and took a welcome twist. The overnight news had been good. No more coughing, no more clots, no more blood. It sounded favourable, and all we were waiting for was the Doctor’s OK for Jane to come home. I got a message around 10am though to say Jane had to give a fasting blood test, so it didn’t look too good at this stage. Then unexpectedly, another message from Jane to say she was being set free! All that was needed was the prescription paperwork for the GP, and her medication itself, then we were good to go. I left it until 1115am to head off to give them a time to complete their paperwork and dispense the drugs.

The discharge process itself – as usual – was a long drawn out affair, and we were kept waiting. And waiting. Fortunately my mum was coming over to pick up the boys from school, so it took one pressure away. Finally a junior doctor came in with the paperwork, and shortly afterwards a nurse came in to say the medication was on its way up. 90 minutes later it was in a trolley waiting to come up! I headed off to get the car (I’d parked at my office, just half a mile away) and by the time I got down, Jane was coming down the road. We were off home.

The boys were thrilled of course to see Jane. I’d said to them after yesterday that there was no guarantee Jane would get home today, and I think Matthew had prepared himself for that eventuality. When Jane went into the kitchen (he was making coffee for the grannies!) his face lit up. It brought closure to a scary incident for the boys. It was bad enough Jane had to go in for the op in the first place, but to be taken away from them a second time was tough to take. But they coped brilliantly. They were so helpful, making life a lot easier for me. Its a blessing that they are so desperate to help and they were brilliant. They have their moments, but when its needed, they pull together. They deserve a treat, and when Jane is fully recovered, it’ll be one of their favourites – takeaway Chinese. But for now, we are all thrilled to have Jane back.


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