Its All Catches Up

The last week seems to have been as long as it can get. We started off with Jane’s long awaited operation to have her tonsils removed but that was just the start of it. I’d planned to take some time off when Jane came home so I could make sure she had recovered before I headed back to work. Its certainly made me realise what she does for us all on a daily basis! I think I’ve managed to keep the house going in the meantime! If David Cameron dares imply stay-at-home mums are lazy layabouts again, I’d suggest he give it a try himself. He’d be in for a shock. Still, if it meant that Jane got the rest she has needed, then its never going to be a problem.

In the midst of it all was my little trip to Accident & Emergency for my nose bleed (probably overkill, but at 1am, things always seem more serious) where doctors were slightly alarmed at by high blood pressure. I wonder how much of that was down to the stresses of the week finally catching up with me. It just seemed to add to the madness that’s been the last week. I managed to get an appointment to see a GP yesterday about my blood pressure, and the ball is rolling on that. Tests are coming on Thursday for cholesterol, liver & kidney function, and an ECG. I’ll be back to see the GP a week of Friday to see what the next course of action is. He’d asked me to find out about family history, as when high BP is medicated before anyone is 60, there’s a higher risk in the family. Turns out my mum was medicated for high BP in her late 40s, as were my grandparents. So that’s something to consider. As Jane says, I do tend to get wound up by the slightest thing, and I’m determined to make changes as far as that goes. The diet will also get looked at, although before any really drastic changes are made, I’ll see what the doctor has to say.

But the stress of the last week has been tiring, even though I’ve not really noticed it. Come the evening, I’ve felt tired although the boys have really helped by settling down really well each evening. Daniel in particular seems very understanding as to what’s going on around him. They both worry, and are doing what they can to help. But this morning it really did catch up with me. I’d taken the boys to school and when I came home – around 910am – I went up to see Jane. I got into bed to give her a cuddle, but the next thing I knew it was 1135am! We’d both fallen soundly asleep. I know Jane has been poorly, and sleep is the best thing for her, but I guess it proved that the past week has caught up with me, even though I was only indirectly affected to a degree.

Perhaps it is a little warning to give us an opportunity to examine our lifestyles to see if there are any long term changes we can make that will give our health a lift. Its important that Jane & I are here to be there for the boys. My dad died when he was 45 – same age I am now – and I intend to do everything I can to be here for a lot longer! Lifetyle, diet, exercise – it’ll all come under the microscope in the next few weeks. January is the time when we all try to make changes that will benefit us all. Well, this time I’ve got to follow through and make sure I’m still fit for purpose!


2 thoughts on “Its All Catches Up

  1. I think you’re right, that’s a real wake up call with your dad. It can never do any harm to have a look at your lifestyle and work out if there’s anything that you could do to improve your wellbeing – it’ll probably make you feel much better.

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