Is the laziness down to me?

ASD Mummy with issues.

Today I had a revelation.

I realised that my Mothers behaviour must be down to me.

Now, I am not having a self wallowing moment but the evidence is making me feel like this.

I am still feeling like rubbish.   In myself, I just feel tired and weak but that is probably due to not eating properly since the op.    My ears are constantly hurting my tongue feels very swollen.    My throat is only sore when I try to swallow and eat, so while I am doing that because I have to, I am not doing it more than I really need to.

While I was in hospital, and when I got home and was in bed, Hubby said Old person was really helpful.     A friend of ours walked the boys home from school on the days Hubby was unable to, but she dropped them off with old…

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