Road to recovery.

Not a good weekend!

ASD Mummy with issues.

I spent all of yesterday in bed.    I am not good at being ill, and I don’t like showing the venerable side of myself.      Hubbys Mum came over to see how I was, which I thought was really nice of her, but I just couldn’t face the idea of putting on a brave face.

I am trying to 

eat as they have told me to, but it is so painful and I am having to force myself.    I am dehydrated so getting fluids into me is a priority, but with swallowing getting tears flowing, it isn’t much fun.


Unless I am swallowing, I am not in much pain.     I do have earache, which I was told to expect but it is more of a fuzzy head earache than real pain.    My jaw hurts as does a couple of nasty grazes in the…

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