Routine Again

The holidays are definitely over. And how. Going back to work after 2 weeks off was a real thought last night. Its not that I don’t like my job – I do – but like most people I enjoy my time off. Signs of normal routine were evident last night. The boys had their bath, bedtime preparations were complete by 8pm and the boys were settled down. Jane had prepared my packed lunch for today, and it was in the fridge. My work clothes were looked out. The last week or so, Jane & I haven’t settled down until well after midnight – as an offshoot of the boys not being settled until 1030pm most nights – which ended up in all of us sleeping until 830am or beyond during the holidays. Well, last night, we were settled down ourselves by 11pm in preparation for today.

Of course, its never as bad as you think. I was up by 625am, dressed and ready to head out by 635. I’ve only got a few minutes walk to get the bus into town. Predictably it was late, but I was still at work by 750am. Once I was there, I was chatting with colleagues, and was quickly back into the swing of it. Like the boys, I quite like a settled routine, and that’s what Monday to Friday work does. It was good to catch up with colleagues I’d not seen for a couple of weeks, and it was good to get back to the routine of work.

We work flexible hours at work, and one of the benefits of that is being able to leave early, and by 345pm, I’d had enough and headed off for the walk back into town for the bus home. One of the things Jane, the boys & I are looking to do this year is get back to healthy eating and exercise that we managed so well for part of last year. That’s another part of my normal routine – walking 2 miles back into town every evening. I was actually looking forward to it. I’d got by new Beats earphones I’d bought with vouchers given as Christmas presents, which is why I was particularly looking forward to getting back into it.

Some people like unpredictability and chaos, but I love routine and predictability! There’s something reassuring about it. I’m not a big fan of the unexpected, and having the normal routine return is no bad thing. Maybe after a few weeks back at work I’ll be craving some time off again, but for now, the usual routine is good!


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