Happy New Year.

ASD Mummy with issues.

2014 is here!

I hope the year brings you all that you would wish yourself and then maybe just a little bit more.

If you were out celebrating, I hope you had a wonderful time and got home safely.      We didn’t do much, just at home.   The boys went to bed before 10pm, so although they tried to stay up, neither of them made it.    Luckily, the pipes and the fireworks didn’t wake them – now I’m going to sound like an old grouch but the pipes started in the street about 11:50pm and went on for 20 minutes, at midnight I get it, but no need for it before hand.      What was worse though was that the fireworks were still being let off gone 1am, that’s far too late!     I’m all for people having fun, but respect of others has to come into it somewhere.

Do you make resolutions?      …

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