Wreck-it Ralphathon

We often go in to kids club cinema at Cineworld in Aberdeen. At £4 for the lot of us, we’re willing to take the risk that the boys won’t like a movie. If they don’t, its better to be just £4 down than closer to £30 down. In general, we tend to pick movies that we’ve a fair idea that they will like, and so far they’ve enjoyed all offerings, so its been money well spent. Of all the movies we’ve seen, it was The Croods I enjoyed the most, but the biggest hit with the boys has been the animated adventure, Wreck-It Ralph.

Basically, the movie is about the bad guy in a video game who no longer wants to be the bad guy. He just wants to be accepted and be part of the gang. Ultimately he makes his peace with the rest of the characters in the arcade games, and accepts his place. For me, I felt the movies was just a bit too slow, and I didn’t really take to any of the characters the way I did with The Croods. Still, the boys were captivated by it, and really enjoyed it to the point that they wanted to go and see it the following week! Naturally they wanted it on DVD when it came out, although I was very vague about committing to that. I didn’t like it, and wasn’t keen to see it again.

But, when my brother asked if the boys were needing/wanting any DVDs, along with Smurfs 2, I reluctantly suggested Wreck-it Ralph. I knew how much they would enjoy seeing it again. They were thrilled when they opened the parcel. Of course it went on the TV on Christmas Day. To be fair, it wasn’t as bad as I remembered. The boys were right into it. The trouble is that with Matthew’s autism comes his obsessive personality traits. Since Christmas Day, its been an at least once a day! Its on as we speak. Although we’ve got it on DVD, its also on Sky’s On Demand service meaning that Matthew doesn’t have to get up and get the DVD, put it in the player etc. He can just press a couple of buttons on the Sky remote, and he’s watching the movie. I’d not be surprised if he watches it 10-15 times during the holidays.

Well, we’re used to the boys being obsessed about a particular movie. We’ve got a few new ones this Christmas – Monsters University, Curious George and Smurfs 2. But for the time being, Wreck-it Ralph is top dog in our house.


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