Done in by Silent Night, again

Three's a Herd

It’s been years since I’ve been able to sing Silent Night all the way through without choking up and starting to cry. My sister who passed away absolutely loved Christmas. She would start sending us emails in about May with a countdown to Christmas. So at Christmas, she is heavy on my mind and in my heart. And Silent Night does me in.

Add to this whole deal, the emotions surrounding Big Man’s NICU homecoming anniversary on Christmas Day. I distinctly remember Christmas Eve service the night before we brought him home. Silent Night had an entire new meaning. That was probably the first time I cried during Silent Night.

I knew it was coming Tuesday night. We were having a rough time with the service anyways. Little Man was fighting through it. But we were losing the battle. He had his headphones on, but an ear infection (swimmer’s ear)…

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