Please let me sit down!

ASD Mummy with issues.

Christmas Day is done and dusted!

I am exhausted!

The boys were lovely yesterday. It was a ridiculous amount of sensory over load for them, but they coped well.

For me the highlight off the day was when D told me he loved me even more than usual because they were given Disney Infinity for the Wii. It made all the stress and hassle of getting the day organised worth it for that moment.

The boys go mad when they see the presents and have to rip them open as quick as possible. For M it is because he just cant cope with not knowing what is under the paper, he hates surprises – his brain just isn’t programmed to process them. He has always had a problem with closed doors for the same reason, not knowing what is the other side is stressful to him. We therefore had several…

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