This Week in The Archers – w/e 20 December 2013

I’m afraid I have to start with Darrell again. Neil and Ed feeling sorry for him? Eddie insults the rest of Ambridge by suggesting Darrell is “one of us.” Ridiculous that they’re all now trying to make Rosa feel guilty. I hope she sticks to her guns over the whole thing. How many times does she need to be let down by her father to decide enough is enough. Who else in Ambridge is like Darrell? Any of them been done for fencing stolen goods, aiding dog fighters & thieving? This storyline has gone on for long enough now, and its been handled quite badly. We should feel sympathy for anyone suffering from mental health issues – I can’t for Darrell. Is that my fault, or how its been written? Neil Carter – one of Darrell’s backers did get something right though when he told Eddie & Ed that they don’t know the whole story. So many people know parts of it, but no one sees the whole story. I suppose Neil has reason to keep quiet, or else be implicated in perverting the course of justice by covering up Darrell’s part in the dog fighting.

Darrell’s appearance in the cider shed again got him ridiculous sympathy from Eddie and Ed. His familiar “I’m so sorry, I can fix it” He can’t though, nor can he accept any help offered. Why do they keep bothering? If someone says “no thanks” enough, I’d take it at face value. Really not sure why Eddie & Ed thinks Rosa’s opinion should change. Darrell getting others to take responsibility when he won’t. Darrell has landed on his feet, sponging off Eddie now. He’s not interested in helping himself. Eddie has had it bad, so no point in Darrell giving grief to Eddie. Funny how Darrell can shed his depression at the drop of a hat – again. Why is it a shame for Elona & Rosa? After all he’d done to them? He’s not the one deserving of sympathy. At least Rosa is prepared to work for a living. Unlike some. I’m a layabout, me. At least Darrell is right about one thing. Rosa doesn’t want to see you. At least Eddie is giving Darrell a boot up the backside. Rosa just gives it to Darrell just as he deserves though. She tells him what everyone else should have been saying weeks ago. Will it be a fatal blow?

Ed still has his own problems though. His hair-brained plot to buy the love – and forgiveness – of devil child George is surely doomed to fail. Susan won’t have it, and how long did George look after his guinea pig? I’m not convinced he hates Ed though – it could just be Will’s way of winding Ed up, although I’d not put it past Will to do his utmost to use George to get at Ed, no matter who else it hurts along the way. To be honest, he and Ed are as bad as each other. Still, it almost made Ed and Emma happy for a change, even though their puppy plan is half baked. Odd Ed is desperate to get a dog when he’s been doing everything to keep them away from his cows. I wonder if they’ll take George to see the puppies, and he’ll let slip that Ed shot Baz? Susan sounds delighted though that its been at least temporarily halted.

Lynda continues to show her caring side. She’s never in the mood for Leonie’s nonsense, but won’t shy away from offering her a shoulder to cry on when Leonie is being reasonable. I doubt Leonie would be able to fool Lynda but she’ll be a shoulder, even showing late to rehearsals to be there for Leonie. Emotional, cravings – well, is Leonie going to provide Lynda with another step-grandchild? Well, it was inevitable really. Lynda is brilliant at getting secrets out, but equally good at keeping them (take note Susan Carter!) But has Leonie scored an own goal on not having the baby? Lynda is the wrong one to look for support for that course of action. It may cause a bit of friction at Christmas time between Lynda, Leonie and (no doubt) James when he turns up.

But, the Rob/Helen/Jess triangle is heating up. The more scenes involving Rob & Jess we get, the more we hear the dark undertones. Jennifer uttered a throwaway line – about how Ambridge will “find out who the Titchners really are.” Indeed Jennifer, something we’d all like to know. Definitely more to this than meets ear. Already Jess has mentioned “getting a new start” and now we hear that the have to move forward. But move forward from what? Is it that Rob has been an abuser in the past? Or that he’s played away from home before? Jess sounds like she’s unaware of Rob ever having an affair – but she does sound a little bit too perfect – although she did mention that Rob was/is “quite a catch” – has he been caught before, the way he was with Helen.

Naturally, when Rob is mentioned, Helen follows shortly afterwards. Why should Tom hold back in his enjoyment of he and Kirsty being a couple? Or does everyone always have to walk on eggshells around Helen? Funny though that Helen uses Henry as an excuse initially as an excuse to get out of a night out with Kirsty. But when has that ever stopped her before? She’s always been quick to dump him on Pat when she was having her fling with Rob. Bizarre she’s seen in some quarters as a doting mother. Hardly. But getting back to Tom, its clearly heading towards him popping the question to Kirsty on Christmas Day. With Kirsty coming round to Bridge Farm for Christmas, I reckon Tom’s proposal will really set Helen off, and her affair with Rob will come out with disastrous results.

But, the party! No doubting that Rob wasn’t in the party mood! And Jenny Darling turning up really didn’t help. Well, from the listeners point of view, it was great! It was sure to set off sparks! Jess to me is a simpering doormat. I’ve no doubt that Rob’s not the great guy he’s been painted as so far and the party was always going to end in disaster for Jess. With Jennifer happily stirring, it was a powder keg. Her arm-twisting of Helen was out of order though. Who was she to make decisions on Henry’s care, and make a decisions for Pat? Helen should have flat-out said no, but getting her inside was much more interesting! The crackling undertones were brilliant. It didn’t take long for the party to fall completely flat. Rob didn’t even pretend to enjoy himself, preferring to goad Jess it seems. Definitely not the happy couple. Sadly, it’ll give Helen the green light to start dreaming about a life with Rob. The final party scene was so easy to visualise. Rob storming off to get drunk leaving Jess alone in a bombsite of a kitchen. What is it that’s keeping them together?

I suspect Helen ended up loving the party. She landed a front row seat for the Rob/Jess rowing. Music to her ears I reckon. She’s playing it cool though, but you could hear the inner Helen shouting, “Yes! I knew she was wrong for him! Rob is MINE!” But hey Susan, don’t preach to the converted on Rob! But her chat with Helen was music to Helen’s ears. You could feel her crowing about Rob & Jess’s rowing. Seems Rob is still of the opinion that Helen wasn’t so bad. Grovelling apology was a bit OTT – much more that was needed for just getting roped in to a party. Seems like the party was a titanic success for Helen after all!

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