Aspie’s Self Esteem Boosted.

Daniel is a little lad who’s outgoing nature at home belies fragile confidence and self esteem away from the home. Even at home at times he’ll tell us how he is rubbish at everything, despite the fact that’s clearly nonsense. Its hard work lifting his self confidence and self esteem as he’s heard it all before from us. What we tell him is true – he’s a loveable, affectionate, clever, funny, serious little man. He’s got a complex nature and a deep mind.

But its been at school lately where his self esteem and confidence have taken a lift. When he lines up at school waiting to get in, there’s often a girl he’s friendly with in front of him. While Daniel interacts with us in the line, this girl just gazes at Daniel, with a beaming smile on her face. The affection she has for Daniel is so obvious that its touching. Daniel seems to know what to say and what to do to make her laugh. Its lovely that there’s someone in his class that sees past his labels and quirky behaviour to the beautiful little boy that he is.

Last night I spoke to him about this girl. I told him how she looks at him in the line at school, and how obvious it was that she liked him. He beamed instantly. All our attempts at helping him think better about himself went for nothing. But telling him about the smiles of one little girl, and what she thought of him did the trick in an instant. He did make me laugh when I asked if he liked her, and he said, “I’m 99% sure that she’s the right woman for me” – I managed not to laugh, but it was a lovely moment.

Jane spoke to this girl’s mum today to tell her what Daniel said. She laughed, and said that she hear Daniel’s name several times a day from her daughter. It seems she does indeed adore Daniel! It might only be a classmate friendship, but Daniel is being accepted for who he is, and its done him the world of good. Jane told her mum and the mums of a few of Daniel’s closest friends that they were more than welcome to come round in the holidays. Daniel is thrilled by the prospect. It might make our house a real madhouse the next couple of weeks, but if it makes Daniel feels better about himself, it will be more than worth it.


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