Lego Playtime

Yesterday Matthew and Daniel both landed Lego kits from my mum who had brought them back from New York. Matthew had a Lego Technic (or Lego Technique as he pronounces it!) and Daniel a Lego Star Wars A-Wing fighter. Naturally, they wanted to get them out as soon as we got home. I suggested we let our lunch go down (we’d been out for a late lunch with my mum & brother) but that we could sit on the floor (so I could keep an eye on the NFL!) and put them together.

Daniel was happy to put the little figures that came with his together. He likes the ships etc, but he’s much happier with the “people” as he can involve them in his solitary imaginative play. Matthew wanted to help though, and before long we were going through the manual, searching for the pieces we needed. Of course when Daniel saw Matthew involved, he decided he wanted to help. So there we were, three of us working on a Lego Star Wars ship. I’m not sure who was enjoying it most!

Eventually, that was complete – it didn’t take too long to put together, as the Lego manuals are perfect for the age range their products are aimed at. They’re clear and uncomplicated, and are very easy to follow. They certainly call for much less concentration than some other products aimed at children. Clearer instructions mean less stress! Daniel was delighted when we did get there, and he wanted to play with it of course. Thing with these toys that when they’re completed, you’re wary of them being broken – despite them only being Lego. We’d still have all the pieces and the manual, so it would be easy to put together again. But still, once you’ve gone to the effort, you’re reluctant to break it up. But, it’s the view I’m taking. D did drop it, and a few pieces went flying. I told him it wasn’t a problem, and that we could easily put it together again, which we did.

Matthew, maybe feeling that little bit older, decided to start work on his one himself. I was impressed how well he’d started. He was putting it together nicely, although when I offered to help, he was quite happy with that. Every page we turned, he exclaimed, “nice upgrade!” – it was coming together and he was thrilled.

We got to after 8pm – it was a late night for a school night! – when I suggested to Matthew we stop. He asked if we could do one more page of the manual. As he’d been so brilliant with it, and the whole evening had been full of enjoyable play & cooperation with the boys, I was easily convinced. We’ll finish it off tonight!

Although the new generation of Lego doesn’t leave to much to the imagination any more, they are fun to do – particularly the ones with the movie tie-ins. More importantly, the provide a bonding opportunity between parent and child, and gives the parent a chance to be a child again. Thanks to Lego for a lovely evening!


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