Cubs Excitement

A few months back, the school issued a note saying that anyone interested in joining Beavers or Cubs they give the local leader a call. Both boys were so eager to be signed up, particularly Matthew. I think that’s down to his eagerness to join in – not because he understands why, but because he feels its something he should be doing. He’ll often do that in the playground and end up on the receiving end from those who see him as a soft target.

Eventually, we got a call to say there was a spot in Cubs! Daniel was a bit unhappy as there were no openings in Beavers, but it was excitement overload for Matthew. He was reassured somewhat that there were quite a few kids in his class already going to Cubs, including one of his closer friends – one of our friend’s eldest daughter. Her dad is one of the helpers at Cubs, so Matthew was reassured that there would be familiar faces.

Initially he wanted someone in the hall with him. Matthew has had separation anxiety right back to nursery, so although there were people there who he knew and trusted, the thought of going in without Jane or I wasn’t about to happen. Jane took him first week, and he was underway. He was full of it when he got out after the session – its 630pm to 815pm – he was absolutely full of it. The Cub leaders are so enthusiastic and appear to be a great role model for the kids. We should be grateful to such people who give up their own time to benefit the community. They’ve given the kids a focus at least one day of the week.

The last few weeks, I’ve taken him, but have waited outside the hall. Matthew knows I’m there, but I’m not in the hall with him, so he’s got the illusion of being there by himself. He is always desperate to get ready to go to Cubs, and will talk excitedly about it afterwards. Its a sure sign that he’s enjoyed himself. One reservation was that the bully who tormented him throughout the first half of the last school session was there. But his friend’s dad assured us he’d watch out for Matthew. It was someone who really knew what happened with Matthew last session.

Last week was a good one for Matthew at Cubs, as they had a group outing to the local panto. He was comfortable with the group of kids & leaders around him that he was happy to be left (and I didn’t have a ticket!), another good sign. But this week, excitement reached fever pitch. Grannie had offered to get him his Cubs uniform for Christmas. Jane went for it yesterday, and we decided he could have it ahead of Christmas so he would really feel one of the Cubs. He was so excited yesterday evening! He’s got his shirt, jumper and neckerchief. Next week he should be inducted, and will get his woggle (a big deal for them it seems!)

Its surprising how easily he’s fitted in there. I’m not sure he knows exactly what its all about, but he’s enthusiastic and wants to be a part of it. For us, we’re delighted that he’s in a social setting that will broaden his understanding of how friendship and being part of a group works. So far, so good on that front! Dib, dib, dib it is!


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