Migraine Again

Short post today as I don’t want to be sitting too long in front of a computer monitor! Yesterday I was feeling really tired – Jane said today that her mum saw my head dropping yesterday then suddenly coming up as I was working from home. I should have spotted that warning sign, but completely missed it. The result? A migraine today. Lovely.

Fortunately it was relatively mild and its receding now, although time off work will probably extend into tomorrow as irrespective of their severity I’m absolutely washed out the next day. It’ll take a little while to get off to sleep tonight thanks to sleeping the morning away. People who don’t suffer from migraines may just consider them another headache, but they’re much worse than that. Attacks can last for anywhere from 4 to 36 hours. Asprin, paracetemols and ibuprofein make absolutely no difference. If I can spot the signs – I usually get an aura of an acrid smell – I’ll take the naratriptan that I’ve been prescribed. If they’re taken in time, they can make a difference, and I can get back to it quickly.

To be fair to Matthew & Daniel this morning, they were very quiet when they were getting ready for school and left me sleeping. They’re very understanding and will stay downstairs much more that they would when Jane is ill. I think that probably means they miss mummy more! But at least this attack is behind me now, and I’d rather it hit now than at Christmas. Life will soon be back to normal – although that’s a mix blessing sometimes!!!


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