No Routine, Here’s Trouble

Today Matthew’s school had a little Christmas Fayre to raise some cash for the school fund. Parents were invited along to buy some of their offerings, and as Matthew (and Daniel) had worked hard on their projects for the fayre it wasn’t to be missed. It was absolutely mobbed and of course the change from the normal school day routine, unfamiliar people in a unusual setting for them was a recipe for disaster for Matthew. His teacher caught Jane at one point and told her that Matthew had “been a nightmare” that day, and maybe she could calm him down. Jane was still in a bit of shock when she got home, to say the least.

Sometimes I wonder if the school listens to anything we say. I’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve said that Matthew reacts badly to any change in routine.. He’s uncomfortable around strangers, and feel closed in with too many people around. After what seemed like progress with Matthew – he’s had a lot more SEN support this session, and he’s really benefited from it. But to suddenly be called a “nightmare” by someone who had been supportive and understanding was a bit of a surprise. Maybe it was the overcrowding in the school this afternoon that had people on edge. Matthew certainly would have found it confusing and difficult to comprehend.

We’ll hope it was just a one off reaction to a difficult day for Matthew. He had told me he had a sore throat this morning – Daniel had been laid low for a few days with a little bug, so its possible that Matthew has picked something up, and he’s just a little fragile at the moment. Its been a busy term for him and he’s been throwing himself into the current class project which he’s loved. Perhaps its all been building up. But the school has seen it before where he’s suddenly had a slide where he’s found school really tough. Thankfully, term end next Friday, although with the panto visit next week amongst other activities being out of the ordinary form Matthew it could be a long two weeks. I suspect that the Christmas holdays are coming at a good time for him.

Its hard to say what really went on in class today, as Jane was caught in the passing when the school was absolutely mobbed so we weren’t able to get any more on Matthew’s day. Asking Matthew is fairly pointless as he won’t give much away when he’s had a bad day. In our experience when he’s stressed when he’s come home the only thing we can do is leave him to sort through what had gone on in his head and let him tell us about it in his own time.

I hope that the school holidays settle him again and that when the new terms gets underway in January that Matthew will be a productive member of the class as he’s been all of this session so far. I also hope that today isn’t the start of a lack of classroom support for him. We know he can be difficult but we’ve told the school what he can be like when he’s on a slide. Its up to them to take it seriously and help Matthew through any tough times he has.


3 thoughts on “No Routine, Here’s Trouble

  1. I think M was totally stressed out by today and his teacher maybe taken aback by it, as he’s been really well behaved since having her. I think her reaction upon seeing me was more, here’s the Calvary rather then nastiness.
    M was let down by us all today by not thinking about the possible problems a day like this could bring.
    Like many children he is ready for the end of term.

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