This Week in The Archers – w/e 6 December 2013

The Grundys are news at the moment. At least George subtly pointed the finger at Will with his comment about Baz not being on his lead. Yes indeed Will, maybe Ed was reckless beyond belief, but you didn’t think on keeping the dog on the lead. Is Will going to acknowledge it? Ha ha, I doubt it. Why let the truth get in the way of his hate for Ed? Clarrie (new/old) is full of eternal optimism on the relationship between the Grundy boys. Come on Clarrie, let’s be realistic. That relationship is hardly going to thaw now, is it? Clarrie also subtly reminding us that Saint Nic and Poppy are absolutely number one. You’re not helping Clarrie. Maybe if you treated Ed and Will equally, things might be better. Talking about treating people equally, she was fairly frosty to Jess! What was that all about? Maybe she could have hung around to work her Social Work skills on Will. Maybe Will you should tell George that you screwed up by not keeping Baz on the lead. I’m amazed that Clarrie did berate Will though. She seems content to let Will off the hook a bit even though he was ignored her pleas for some unity at Christmas. Nic has always been willing to side with Clarrie on this – but will she be able to restrain Will this time?

Saint Nic doesn’t have keep onside with Clarrie though, does she? I was amazed to actually hear Nic let rip at Clarrie over it. Fair enough that Nic backs her husband of course, but is she being blinded by Will? George was clear enough of mind to point out that Baz was off the lead, and I assume George might have mentioned it to Nic.

Tom & Kirsty’s prefect on again relationship is a bit sickly though for me. I can’t help feeling that it will end in tears, but maybe they’ll get it right this time round. But good old Jess for taking Rob over to have a chat with them, then being talked into buying mistletoe for him & Jess. Right in front of Kirsty. That was hardly going to end well, now was it? But for a trained observer of the human condition, Jess is missing all the signs from Rob. Kirsty needn’t worry about Jess noticing. She seems blind to it. Still bored with Kirsty’s reaction to Rob after she has moaned at Helen after she ploughed on irrespective of all the warnings she was given. Naturally though, Jess walks into Ambridge Organics. Helen hiding out back was so childish. Just face the woman! I did think though that Kirsty was a bit cold with Jess. Its not her fault that her husband played away from home, is it. Speaking of home, Rob laid the groundwork for getting away from Helen by trying to convince Jess that a move from Ambridge should be looked at. Jess agrees a fresh start. But from what? The death of her dad, or something a bit more sinister? Has Rob done it before? I suspect so. Its wearing a bit thin though. I’m baffled at Kirsty’s unreasonable animosity towards Rob. I thought her rant at him during rehearsals for Lynda’s panto was ridiculous. One minute she’s telling Helen Rob is married, she’ll only get hurt etc, the next she is giving Rob both barrels as its ALL his fault. No question Rob’s affair will come to light, but who will Jess think he’s been having an affair with? Any time Helen is around Rob & Jess, she actually plays it cool, whereas Kirsty’s animosity isn’t even thinly veiled. Could it be that Jess will think its Kirsty – a reasonable, if erroneous conclusion – that slept with her husband, letting Kirsty feel her wrath (such that it would be from a seemingly meek woman)?? It would drag it out a bit longer until Jess finds out the truth when Helen tells her she’s pregnant with Rob’s baby! Kirsty might deserve it for her part in fanning the flames. Forcing Rob out of the panto was a shame for Lynda, but it seems a neurotic Helen must come before the village! Mind you, Rob’s “break a leg Kirsty” did have sinister undertones!

But poor Clarrie. She has her hands full with all the Grundy boys. If she tipped over the edge into depression, will Shula rush round to help her? Losing Nic’s support has really hurt her though. But Saint Nic covers her bases by doing her bit with Joe. Still, its good to see Joe recovering. At least Joe can see it was an accident, like everyone else. No doubt Ed would love to get at Will, but I can’t believe he’d deliberately shoot his dog to do it. Caroline does her bit to try and help Clarrie – right after completing the reconciliation with Joe. Caroline and Oliver are decent people, and I’m happy they’ve helped to bring Joe back to the lovely man we’re used to. Joe himself was full of good advice for Ed – Ed would be a fool not to listen to the wisdom Joe’s years have brought him. That’ll mean he’ll ignore it! But good on Caroline for laying it on Will. He knows I think that Ed didn’t shoot Baz on purpose, and Caroline let him know how selfish he – and Ed – are being. Its not half put Joe in a spot after he’d convinced Ed to help with the turkeys by telling him Will wouldn’t be there. Let’s get the Grundy boys together with knives in their hands. That should end well! Maybe Caroline was overstepping the mark, but someone had to lay it all out for Will. It seems he’s the only one that doesn’t believe the accidental shooting theory. One thing for sure, after paying out three grand to Joe, helping Eddie & Joe with their holly and trying to help out Clarrie with her boys, it would seem the Sterlings were carrying an excessive amount of guilt over Joe’s accident!

But guess where that leads us to though? Dan is making his feelings reasonably clear. But Darrell’s drinking is glossed over by Shula, but then she takes aim at Dan for going to see a friend! Shula would prefer to take it out on Dan to spare her more time for running after Darrell. Alistair sees it more clearly, but Shula will argue black is white over Darrell still. I’m convinced that Darrell didn’t even bother to turn up to the job Eddie sorted out for him. Will Shula forgive him again, or will Alistair convince her that Darrell is completely incapable of doing anything to help himself? Even when she tries to apologise to Dan, she ends up backing Darrell! “We’re not idiots” she says! You’ve been taken for a mug though! You’re obsessed Shula, now you’re driving Dan away. Good job. Shula’s obsession with Darrell still isn’t sitting well with Jill who, shock horror, has to miss out on “bring your own cheese” lunch as Shula is stuck with Darrell who it seems can’t be bothered to sign on again. But Jim steps into the breach there, and goes on a hot date with Jill. I’m still hoping there will be a romance between two older characters, and Jim and Jill would be a good match. Poor Christine missed the boat there!

At least the Darrell storyline is spiralling towards its conclusion. Shula finally snapped after more of Darrell’s uselessness – this is how the script writers have made it sound – and all but kicked him out at last. Where does he go for help? The pub of course. Curiously just when Rosa heads there for a impromptu date with Jamie, who was celebrating with Kathy after she predictably landed the Grey Gables job. Darrell decides to alienate another one of his support network with a drunken ramble at Rosa. Jamie was right on it, to protect a clearly upset young woman. But that’s not the signal for Darrell to walk out the door. Oh no. He has to have another drunken go at Rosa, leaving her in tears. But just as Jamie rightly defended Rosa, Neil has a pop at him for not showing sympathy? Neil, a young woman has been on the end of a verbal tirade from a drunk. Who’s the priority? Would you really put a drunk ahead of an upset Rosa? You’ve been around the Horrobins too long!

But it appeared to be the final straw for “poor” Darrell. I wonder just how many paracetemols Shula had in the house? Maybe she takes a lot of headaches, eh Alistair? But if she felt that Darrell was indeed depressed, would she risk leaving drugs around the Stables? And wouldn’t she have forced him back to the GPs? Of course, this set Shula off on a massive guilt trip. Why though? What more could she have done? Maybe she could have taken less nonsense from Darrell to begin with, forced him to a GP to make sure he got the help he needed? But, the week in the Archers had dark and uncomfortable tones for me. Darrell hits rock bottom and apparently attempts suicide. Whether it was a serious attempt, or just a call for help remains to be seen, but hospitalisation can only be the best thing for Darrell, should he survive the suicide attempt. Being sectioned must be likely but will the storyline be completed with Darrell’s recovery, or will he head off into the sunset? One way or the other, this storyline end can’t come soon enough.

Week Ending 29 November
Week Ending 22 November
Week Ending 15 November


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