The Pressure is On

I was listening to Lily Allen’s The Fear on part of my trip into work this morning, and its tale of what’s considered important and what we need to do to make it made me think of what modern living is becoming. There is constant pressure on all of us, practically all the time. With the advent of mobile phones and tablet computers we are in contact with others 24 hours a day. It seems that having a moment to oneself is a rarity. If you do manage it, it won’t last for long. It can really limit your downtime to the point where people can no longer fully relax. Little wonder so many people suffer from stress. Life is getting faster and faster and eventually some people will crack under that pressure.

We’re being told to aspire and strive. But to what? And for what purpose? Its like going the wrong way on a conveyor belt. We keep moving, but we never really get anywhere, nor does the journey ever end. Why can’t there come a point where a person realises that they are happy with what they have. They have enough responsibility as it is, and want time to shut down now and then. But no, we’ve to keep striving. But if we’re at a point where we like what we have, what is the point of keeping going to attain something we don’t need or want to make us happy. Why be miserable striving for something you don’t need? “I’m packing plastic, that’s what makes my life so fucking fantastic” – just makes me think of a society driven by consumerism using money we don’t have. All because we’re being bombarded with imagery telling us that we need all the things being advertised to make our lives complete. Christmas will put even more pressure on us as it seems our worth is being determined by price tags. It seems its how we determine how much we care for loved ones – how much money can we spend on them?

“I am a weapon of massive consumption, its not my fault, its how I was programmed to function” – what we need to make our lives better is being force fed to us through the media and its fair enough to say its hard to fight against that, as the message is that this is how our society is now, so just get used to it. Independent thinking is optional for many – why bother when the media gives us a steady stream of what to think all on a plate for us.

Modern life seems to have replaced Teachers, Doctors, Nurses etc as people to look up to. Now its all about reality TV “stars” Its sad that people think that’s something to aspire to? I look at Big Brother and the likes, and all I see are repugnant people I wouldn’t want to know, and definitely wouldn’t want to be like. “Life’s about film stars and less about mothers” Lily Allen sang. We’ve become obsessed with the cult of celebrity. We’ve lost sight of who we are, and what we want to be. There’s nothing wrong with being who we are, and nothing wrong with wanting to be teachers, nursers, doctors etc. Sadly we now look up to people on reality TV shows. Where has it all gone wrong?

Its all bit of a ramble today, but it was interesting how a song I’d not heard for a while made me think of where our society is going. Its too simplistic to see life was less pressured 20, 30+ years ago, but life has become so intense now. It would be worthwhile to take our foot off the accelerator for a while to give us all time to think who we are, and what is important to us.


11 thoughts on “The Pressure is On

  1. As a stay at home Mum, I am constantly being told I should want more out of life. What though is more important than the health and well being of my children? I have done the career stress of working 80 hours a week, and no personal time. Instead, the important thing are family, and how they react to each other and grow individually and as a unit.

    • Bah! No-one should ever tell anyone what they should want out of life. Sure, when I was a stay at home mum, I found it very hard. But it was my choice, and I treasured being able to be there for my kids when necessary.

      You do a fab job as a mum.

      • I think society as a whole looks down on people that aren’t career driven. Why is being content with your lot so wrong? The government at the moment demonising stay at home Mums really winds me up.
        We might not have spare cash to fling about but we have happy kids and that’s priceless!

      • I definitely couldn’t be happy being a stay at home – that’s because I love being around other people and interacting with them. I also require insane amounts of stimulation in order not to be bored.

        However that just makes me admire people more for having so many of the qualities I will never have.

      • I never thought I could do it but situations dictate. My plan had always been return to work once D was at school. I loved the buzz of working – I managed a bakery/coffee shop so was always busy always with people. It was a shock to the system I must say to have my main conversation with the radio everyday!

      • Shame we don’t live closer – I could come by for coffee.

        I don’t think we could live further apart from each other and be in the same country though!!

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