Back to School

After a weekend of being knocked out by the cold, Jane kept Daniel off school yesterday, as it was obvious he wasn’t back to full strength – or anywhere near it ( Daniel doesn’t like not being at school as he has this fear that he’ll miss something even though he’s ahead of the class and can probably afford a day or two off.

After a few days of taking it easy, it was obvious last night that he had more-or-less recovered from the weekend, so barring a relapse, the plan was for him to go back to school today. Well, the relapse didn’t appear and while he maybe wasn’t quite 100%, he was easily well enough to go back to school. But (naturally) in contrast to yesterday’s displeasure at missing school (he had a bit of a paddy about it!) as soon as we got to the playground today, he started agitating about needing to go home as he wasn’t well! He may not like the thought of missing school, but when he gets over the initial angst at not going, he loves a day off with Mummy! I guess that’s what he was railing against this morning – not the prospect of going back, but the thought of missing out on another day at home with Jane. In there somewhere I think he’s saying that although he loves school, he still loves time with us more.

Jane briefly spoke with Daniel’s teacher as they went in this morning to tell her that he wasn’t fully back up to speed, but he was more than well enough to be at school. She’ll look after him ok, and knows him well enough to know when he’s up to it or not. Thing is, once he’s passed through the door into school, he’s with his friends and a teacher he likes and respects, so he’ll enjoy the day now he’s there. I don’t expect we’ll get a call asking us to take a poorly boy home. Seems that Daniel being able to completely rest on Saturday plus regular doses of Calpol got him back to the land of the living fairly quickly. Its the first day he has missed this session, which after a session where he missed a lot of time due to regular chest infections is a real step forward for him.

He’ll be buzzing again when we pick him up from school no doubt, and moans about going back this morning will all be forgotten. Its a real mixed blessing when Daniel fully recovers from being ill, but despite the challenges a full-speed Daniel presents, we’d have him no other way.


2 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. A cold can really take a little person out. I remember that time of being at home with an ill person – sort of a treat for both of us. Now I am back to full time work it’s sad in a way those days are over.

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