Christmas is Coming

Sunday sees the start of December, which means the countdown to Christmas will well and truly be on. Last week, the civic countdown in Aberdeen got underway with the switch on of the Christmas lights in the city centre. I usually take the bus into town early in the morning, so its still dark when I get there. The vivacity of the lights is in stark contrast to the darkness and they look spectacular. They’re in traditional Christmas colours of red, white and green. Local authorities often are pilloried for services provided, and get so little praise. Aberdeen City Council certainly deserve it over the lights. They look amazing, and are a cheery sight first thing in the morning.

It does seem this year that the preparations have begun earlier than usual. But for me, the build up to Christmas is as exciting as the day itself. We buy our presents for loved ones, plan our Christmas lunch menus and get into the spirit of it all. Its not helped that as a country, we’re going though some tough times. Its a time to think of those that aren’t as fortunate as some. People in Britain are kind hearted, despite the picture the printed media in particular like to paint.

A tradition in our house is to have a little parcel each day of advent. Its usually a chocolate coin and a small toy, or toiletry item. Nothing huge, but something nice to lift our day. As with last year, the boys also have the Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar (Lego Star Wars Advent) The boys love opening their advent bags in the morning, but will wait until I get home before the Lego Star Wars advent calendar is opened. They get a small LSW toy each day, which I help them make. Its a nice way to end the day.

This year has gone really quickly, and December will prove hectic, particularly for Jane, who will be rushing about making sure everyone else enjoys themselves. Of course, in our house, its all about the boys. They love this time of year, and to be fair don’t really ask for much. All Matthew wants from Santa is a bat with a ball attached to it with a piece of elastic! Its lovely that he knows what he wants. The boys are also aware that Santa brings them just one present, and that Mum & Dad get the rest, and they realise that we don’t own a money tree, so they reign in their desires, although they do “I want” when adverts are on!

Well, soon November will be gone, and the busiest time of the year will be with us. It will mean a lot of changes to the boys routine in the weeks ahead, and we can only hope that they will cope as best as they can. In some ways it will be the calm before the storm, with Daniel, Jane & Jane’s mum all be in line for operations in the new year. Still, its a wonderful time of the year, and I for one can’t wait for it to really get underway.


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