Chief cook and bottle washer.

ASD Mummy with issues.

As a Mum, you would do anything for your kids.    For me, they are my life.      It is though, really easy to lose the person you are other than the role of Mother.

Last night was a prime example of making me feel invisible.

The boys – all three of them, were playing Mario Kart yesterday evening, so I took the opportunity to sneak upstairs to watch Strictly Come Dancing – most of this series I have had to watch on I-player to keep up with it.        I managed to see all of that, and there were happy sounds coming from downstairs, so I flicked through the channels, and there was the greatest Christmas movie ever – Miracle on 34th Street –     I like the 1947 version having seen it many times growing up –  my Dad was a huge film buff so we watched many old black…

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