Tired Aspie

This week as you will know has been a stressful one for Daniel. He’s been working really hard at school, but has sadly been on the receiving end of a bit of bullying. Its generally been limited to namecalling – hurtful enough – and physical bullying from one child. As an update from yesterday’s post (https://theworldofneil.wordpress.com/2013/11/14/bullied-daniel-again/) Daniel’s teacher spoke to the class on how they treat others, and for the need to respect others. Two children have been spoken to individually for their involvement in bullying him. He was a lot happier yesterday, so hopefully that incident is behind him and he can get back to enjoying school. He’s a very clever lad, and it would be a tragedy if thoughtless bullies were allowed to get in the way of his enjoyment of learning.

But I think that his hard work this academic session and stresses of the last week or so have had an impact on him physically. Daniel has always been a good sleeper, and gets at least 10 hours every night (with a few exceptions.) Regularly Jane has to wake him as late as 745am to make sure he has enough time to have breakfast & get ready for school.. Usually though after properly coming to in the morning, he is so full of energy right up til bedtime. Even when we get him into bed (he likes to have someone with him until he drops off), he will chatter away and will be full of nervous energy until he’s asleep. His energy is one of the characteristics of his aspergers. His inability to remain still at any time was one of the triggers that set us off on the ASD diagnosis path with Daniel. He is always on the go, expending huge amounts of energy. He would never show any signs of tiredness until the second he went to sleep.

This week however, he’s been uncharacteristically lacking in energy. Every day this week, he’s had to be woken in the morning. I know I mentioned that wasn’t too unusual, although it was maybe just a couple of times a week. But every day this week he’s slept past 730am. He’s not been to bed too late – the latest he’s been asleep has been 9pm (late-ish for him, as he’s usually off between 8pm and 830pm.) When he’s been woken, he’s been unable to shake the appearance of someone who has just woken up. On Wednesday, we had the incident in the school playground where he was adamantly refusing to go into school. He said he was too tired, and we assumed it was just an excuse. Although the bullying was real, maybe the tiredness wasn’t just an excuse. Each evening this week, after Daniel has done his homework, he’s retired to the sofa, and lolled. He looks shattered every evening and looks like he could go to sleep any minute.

Usually when we ask him if he’s tired, even when its obvious he is, he will flatly deny it. This week though he’s been quick to admit he’s tired. Unusual for him in itself. Subsequently he’s been quite easy to get ready for bed, and has fallen asleep really quickly – although he chatted last night, which I suspect was just his way of getting all that had happened to him the last couple of weeks out of his head.

There’s no sign that he’s gone off his food, leading to a drop in energy. He’s certainly eating a bit less – he will admit when he’s had enough a lot more now – but is still getting the calories he needs to keep him going. Hopefully he’s just coming down with a bit of a bug that’s bringing him low. Given that we have suspicions that Daniel’s aspergers is causing problems in addition to the reprogramming of his brain, there’s always a concern that his tiredness has been brought on by that, although its only recently that its come to light. Daniel also has hyper-mobility in his hands and joints. Maybe he’s got other issues that we’ve not yet seen manifest themselves. Seems unlikely that he’d reach being six without us knowing the full package, but you never know. Jane and I were late 30s when Daniel came about, so there’s always a risk for the child, so we’re keeping an open mind on him.

Right now though, we’re putting it down to the stresses and strains of the current school year. He’s also been growing lately, so that’s got to have an effect. We’ll keep an eye on him, and if he keeps on showing significantly reduced energy levels, we’ll consider having him see a doctor. In the meantime, just relax Daniel!


3 thoughts on “Tired Aspie

  1. I’m glad the teachers spoke to the class and to the individuals. Sadly some children do display bullying behaviour and school should teach them not to.

    Strange for such a sudden drop in energy – hope it sorts itself out OK.

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