The Week in The Archers

At last Peggy has reappeared to remind us on Remembrance Sunday that Helen’s self-inflicted suffering is way over the top. Poor Peggy has a loved husband in decline and reminded us of the sacrifices made by generations past. It would seem obvious that Jack’s demise won’t be far off. At least he’s still happy, but its a reminder that Peggy has already lost Jack to dementia, but faces the prospect of losing him again when he eventually passes on. Peggy’s a tough old bird though, and she’ll be ready to take it on the chin. Still, a happy birthday to the old girl. Sadly I think it will be her last with Jack. Still, she has Tom to lean on. He plays the doting grandson – genuinely I think – superbly. Part of me thinks he won’t do anything to risk his inheritance when Peggy moves on, but mostly he truly loves his gran. Peggy has looked out for Tom and given him the support he needs that he lacks at home. Peggy knows Tom has good business sense, something she knows Tony lacks. Tom will need to be there for Peggy when Jack does die. Together, they’ll get through it.

But, again we are talking about Darrell. “I’ve not done enough for him” Saint Shula tells Jill. Are you joking Jill? Shula has gone more than the extra mile for Darrell but for what? Jill backed up Alistair, and rightly so. She can’t do anything more for Darrell, and to be honest, why should she? Darrell has made it clear that he is “proud, me” and would rather live in the gutter that take what help is offered. Alan is right in a way – Shula and Alistair need to be pulling together in the same direction, but come on Alan, Darrell couldn’t be bothered to attend interviews for his JSA. Nor would he even see a doctor when he desperately needs it. What makes Shula think he’ll bother going to see the local authority about housing? Well, here comes Daniel, so you’d better get your steel capped boots on, and boot him up the arse. Put him in front of your family at your Peril. Darrell has already ripped apart his own family with his lying, cheating and general uselessness. Why do it to your own Shula?

Its amazing though how everyone has become an expert of Darrell. Jill seems to have him tagged as an alcoholic. He’s been pissed twice. Hardly the sign of a dependency problem, although it might be that the village has had enough of Darrell’s self pity. And why is he so keen to stay in Ambridge. Because of Rosa, who doesn’t want to know? Elona knew she couldn’t live in Ambridge if she were to get work. Darrell still hasn’t worken up to that fact. Work opportunities might be easier elsewhere? Ah wait, that would be mean taking positive action! This storyline though is going round in circles now, and seems to closer to a resolution. Can Darrell and the rest of us be put out of our misery? Jill finally had enough after Daniel (or is that Dan?) set off Darrell. What a pathetic scene that was “Rosa? Elona?” Yes Darrell, remember them? They’re the family you couldn’t keep from lying to. At least Elona had the sense to move on. You don’t see her moping around, wallowing in self-pity. I’m afraid I can’t feel any sympathy for the man. I just can’t. I suspect he probably is suffering from depression, and I think it will end up in a full-scale breakdown, with Darrell being hospitalised.

Will continues to annoy this week. I’ve grown to hate scenes with him and George. The very sound of his voice just grates. Please don’t tell me that as Ed’s business continues to stumble, we’ll get an extended bout of the most irritating double act on radio? Hey Will, at least Ed is working day-in, day-out to make a go of his business, inspite of Mike’s worst efforts. He’s not just an EMPLOYEE who’s been lucky enough to inherit a pile of cash. But he’s certainly managing to pass on his spite to George and is doing a good job in poisoning the lad’s mind. When George goes off the rails, you can bet Ed and Emma will get the blame for it. He’s Clarrie’s blue-eyed boy. Poppy is quickly into the role of favoured girl. Clarrie in particular puts Poppy on a pedestal. Poor little Keira doesn’t get a look in. At least Joe is on the way back. The cheque from Grey Gables has really lifted his spirits. Good on him too for not letting Eddie getting his hands on it. What’s he going to use it for though? Go on and treat little Keira. Sadly, despite Will having everything easy, and Saint Nic being the perfect mum, you know Joe will do it all for Poppy. If there is an Archers God, they will have Will lose his job. Then Nic will really see what Will is like.

I’m starting to feel more and more sympathy for Emma though. She and Ed have had it really tough, without the advantages Will has had. When Neil helped Ed at his lowest ebb, all Will could do was sneer, in his cruel way. Thankfully, Emma has the wonderful Lynda to turn to. At least she is a sympathetic ear to her when she needs it most. Stick with Lynda and she will pull you through.

The Archers (the family that is!) in TA are featuring this week, and much to our collective dismay, its the lead-up to David & Ruth’s wedding anniversary. Must they always go round cloak & dagger when arranging it? Who would arrange a weekend away without making sure their partner is free/ok with going away? Its the same story year-in, year-out. Do us a favour David and just talk to Ruth! Speaking about not keeping things in the open, Jill’s eyesight is obviously waning – cataract op needed – please admit it Jill before you really do have an accident in your car. She won’t, and the accident is coming it seems. I hope we’re wrong, but it seems unlikely.

Helen, naturally, wraps up the week for us. This time its Ian that gets the full story. For someone who wanted the affair kept a secret, Helen has told nearly everyone she knows! Pat & Tony must be the only ones in the dark! The scene with Ian was awful. Helen has obviously learned nothing, and thanks to her teenage fantasies, she thinks she can just plough on and rekindle her relationship with Rob. Helen, he’s a MARRIED man. Ian could see what she was saying was absolutely ridiculous. Sadly, he initially gave her the oxygen she needs, but even he was getting fed up with her utter nonsense. Then comes her loony plan to tell Jess, so she knows the man she’s married to? Ian suggests its not a great idea. Do you think? You don’t think that it might drive Rob away for good? I get the feeling Rob has done this before, and its the real reason why they move around so often. Rob cheats, Jess knows and ends up forgiving him, and they move on. Well, let’s let Helen light the blue touch paper, and stand back. BOOM!


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